sytycd results 061611 'So You Think You Can Dance' results: A shocking eliminationAfter an opening number choreographed by the modern-leaning Sonya Tayeh that fit in well with the Lada Gaga-themed evening, “So You Think You Can Dance” host Cat Deeley leaped right into delivering the results. After picking three couples in jeopardy, each dancer would have a chance to perform solo — as would Mitchell Kelly, who was unable to dance Wednesday (June 15) because of an elbow injury.

Right out of the gate, the three couples who danced Wednesday’s strongest routines found out they were safe: Melanie and Marko, who danced the most-talked-about routine (the statue dance), Missy and Wadi, who Mary Murphy described as sexy demons and Iveta and Nick, who quickstepped their way to vigorous applause.

Next up, Ashley and Chris — who turned in a cute varsity-tinged hip-hop routine — made it to the safe side of the stage. Jordan and Tadd — who opened Wednesday’s show with an unremarkarble African jazz number — were announced as the first couple in the bottom three. They were quickly joined by Clarisse and Jess, whose Broadway inspired razzle-dazzle obviously failed to wow voters. Caitlynn, who danced her routine with a sub since Mitchell was out of commission also made it to safety.

Finally, Ryan and Ricky and their jarring lyrical jazz routine were — shocker — safe. As were Sasha and Alexander. But Miranda and Robert (“Woo Man”) who danced a mod-tinged jive together, joined the bottom three couples (and Mitchell) as the final dancers in jeopardy.

But before we could get to the solo dances we had a Gopak performance by a male Ukrainian dancer who showed off the country’s particularly leap-y take on folk-dancing. We should also mention that Keri Hilson performed at some point in the first half hour, too, but with everyone waiting for the Gaga premiere — it was an underwhelming, though perfectly fine, performance.

And on to the solo dances: Mitchell finally gets his chance. Though we’re thinking it’s not all that fair that he could face elimination since he got less than 30 seconds to showcase his talents. Nigel, couldn’t you have given the guy a special dispensation to do a full routine? How is America supposed to vote for what it doesn’t know?

Up next, Jordan whose bustier — which had gold fringe on one breast — was sort of distracting. And, again, she came off as more of an exotic dancer than a dancer. Tadd showcased his blend of hip-hop and stunt dancing next with some seriously athletic moves.

Clarisse took her chances next with a routine that, while interesting, didn’t particularly grab us. Then Jess, who — of course — did a showy piece to “Mr. Bojangles.” Miranda took her shot next, showing off not just her personality, but her athleticism and — as Cat Deeley noted — “those amazing leg extensions.”

Finally, Robert was able to dance in his signature style — old school breakdance. But maybe the combination of the moves and the fringed yellow shirt were a little too ’80s retro?

Finally, the moment of truth. But wait — Nigel asks Mitchell and Robert to dance again. Done and done.

While they decided they needed a little more time, Nigel called for the girls to return to the stage.

Finally, after bringing the guys back out, the judges announced their decision: No one would go home this week. What what?! Instead, two couples will leave next week. Unprecedented!

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson