sytycd 072811 'So You Think You Can Dance' results: Jess and Jordan's journey endsAnd then there were eight. Or, after Thursday’s (July 28) episode of “So You Think You Can Dance,” six. We won’t bother recapping the on-air recap of Wednesday’s competition night because that isn’t what you want. You want to know about the solos, about Gaga and find out who went home and we aim to please.

First the solos:

A faux-hawked Jordan did her usual sexed-up routine. Stronger, but still the same basic concept — a stripper who can actually dance. Enough already.

Jess opted for fingerless gloves, suspenders and a Broadway standard, “Mack the Knife.” What can we say? The guy spun in a circle for at least 15 of his alotted 30 seconds, then stood looking defiantly at the crowd like Robert DeNiro menacing his opponent in “Raging Bull.” Attitude much?

Caitlynn tried the sexy thing, too, but we’re not going to chastise her for it because it hasn’t been her go-to thing all summer.

Tadd delivered another fun and gravity-defying positively positive hip-hop routine. If he goes home, it could ruin our weekend. We’re positive.


She performed “Edge of Glory” and “You and I” and, well, it wasn’t shocking. There was no meat dress, no bizarro props — just a solid peformance. If anything, it seemed a little low energy right after watching Tadd’s stunts.

And the results:

Jordan and Jess are alliteratively out, though, as Nigel said all “the dancers are going on into the tour and we’ll see them there.”

But first, two more weeks of competition.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson