russell ferguson sytycd 320 'So You Think You Can Dance': Russell Ferguson explains his finale night injury, celebrates being America's Favorite DancerWhat a finale for krumper Russell Ferguson.

He experienced the highest of highs, earning the “So You Think You Can Dance” season 6 crown. However, the night was no fairytale for him.

Suffering an injury at the end of the hip hop number he performed with fellow finalists Legacy Perez and Kevin Hunte, Russell lost control of his emotions when he realized what had happened.

So what did happen?

“When I was coming up, back onto the stage after jumping off and being all in the camera’s face, I landed wrong,” Russell told us. “And I guess something got like shifted or like stretched out of place in my leg… It got real numb and swollen.”

So why was he able to jump for joy when he found out he’d won the competition an hour later?

As Russell explains in the clip below, he could walk and he could bend his leg, but he was unable to do what his dance pieces required. And knowing that he’d be benched for the rest of the night wasn’t easy for him to accept.

Having his parents in the audience for the first time, Russell was devastated that they wouldn’t be able to watch him perform again. But ultimately, it was his father’s presence that calmed him down.

“I got myself together once I saw my dad and once I did a little praying, so I’m fine. I’m fine, America.”

Indeed you are, Russell Ferguson.

And you’re also America’s Favorite Dancer.

Well deserved, my friend.

It’s been a pleasure watching you kill it week after week.

And your magnetic personality — which clearly came out to shine during our one-on-one time with you, post-finale — didn’t hurt you either…

He’s unhateable, no?

So tell us, are you as psyched for Russell as we are? Or did you have a different finalist in mind for the title?

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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