judges sytycd season 10 finale fox 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10 finale: Who won   Aaron, Amy, Fik Shun or Jasmine?It’s finale night, dance fans. Who are going to be the winners of “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10? We’ll get to that, as we’ll be live-blogging the whole almost-2-hour event as it unfolds.  Almost 2-hours you say? Yes, there will be a bit of a break while the President addresses the nation. But we’ll be here when it returns.

7:57 pm: Refresh often. We’ll be updating as we watch. Do you need a recap of last week’s routines? Here you go. We will also be embedding available videos as we have them.  
8:00 pm: They waste no time by jumping in and introducing the full Top 20, and the judges – Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Adam Shankman, Paula Abdul, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy. Cat Deeley and Nigel remind us that there’s no judging tonight – this is just a celebration of the dancers. The results are in. We just get to enjoy ourselves now.
8:07 pm: Quick flashback of the season, with Hot Tamale moments mixed in with emotional moments.  And we get a full cast gangster jazz routine to Paul Anka’s swinging “Wonderwall,” choreographed by Season two’s Ivan Koumaev, which gives us the opportunity to again say how much we’ve loved this tap-dance heavy season. 

8:15 pm: Paula (with her fabulous hair) is first up to choose her favorite routine of the season, and she selects Mandy Moore’s contemporary piece to Lady Gaga’s slowed down “Edge of Glory” with Makenzie and Paul. It is a beautiful piece, with lovely power in the softness.
8:21 pm: Jasmine chooses her favorite routine to perform, with Marco Germar from Season 8, to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” The summer song that just won’t die. And yes, Cat Deeley did make a “foam finger and latex underwear” remark afterwards. You weren’t hearing things. But it was a classy fun routine.
8:28 pm: Next up, Adam chooses a routine with “superhero” tWitch, and Fik-Shun, and tWitch rips off his tux and heads up on stage to dance to “Hello Good Morning” by Diddy Dirty Money. Just like the first time around, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of tWitch. Don’t get us wrong, Fik-Shun is great, but tWitch makes it look easy, and his frame just covers the stage.
8:32 pm: Brief movie plug for “Battle of the Year” with Season 3’s Dominic Sandoval, and then the movie’s dancers perform. Gravity was briefly turned off in the studio. That’s the only way some of those moves could happen. 
8:38 pm: Nigel tells the crowd that Season 11 for the show has been greenlighted (woot) and selects, as his favorite season routine, the Jason Mraz’s “You Really Did It” tap routine (no surprise) with Aaron, Alexis, and Curtis. Somewhere, Gene Kelly is happy.
8:47 pm: tWitch chooses a Broadway routine, because he said he loved the acting wrapped into the dancing that Broadway provides, so he chooses the “Kiss of the Spider Woman” routine with Hayley and Nico. And that split/flip Hayley performs is still just as scary, Nico has a moment with a bad lift that looks strangely unstable towards the end.  
8:52 pm: Aaron chooses his contemporary routine with Kathryn, to “I’m Kissing You” by Des’Ree. He has grown so much as a dancer this season. It’s beautiful.
8:55 pm: Top 10 guys perform to “Sand” by Nathan Lanier, featuring Karen Whipple, with, literally, sand. How did it not get into their eyes? How are they going to clean that up from the stage? Huh.

women sytycd season 10 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10 finale: Who won   Aaron, Amy, Fik Shun or Jasmine?

8:58 pm: Cat chooses a favorite routine! Comfort and Jasmine’s Nappy Tabs routine from last week to Queen Bey’s “Run the World (Girls).” It is a pretty cool routine… and boom. We break for the President’s address on the crisis in Syria. Stay here. Keep watching. This is important.

9:18 pm: And we’re back. Next up, we have Mary Murphy’s favorite routine: Travis Wall’s routine for Season 7’s Robert Roldan and Tucker, to “Medicine” by Daughter. Travis’ pieces are always haunting, but this one really will go down as one of the best.
9:28 pm: A replay of the group routine by the Top 20, and many others, to Herb Alpert’s “Puttin’ On The Ritz,” which needed some to-the-millisecond timing all around the studio. Travis Wall, your feather-boa walk-through still makes us giggle. Work it.
9:36 pm: The all-stars got to choreograph a show earlier in the season, and they replay Jenna and all-star Mark Kanemura’s futuristic jazz to “I am the Best” by 2NE1. Weird and wonderful. 
9:41 pm: Amy and Fik-Shun dance together one last time as a couple to “After Party” by Dorrough Music, the bell-hop routine choreographed by Nappy Tabs. Good balance, and they obviously had a good time dancing together this season.
9:43 pm: The 10-year anniversary clip between Nigel and Mary was awesome. If just for Mary’s haircolor flashbacks (and we’re not talking the pink beehive.) But they’re adorable, even if their little Broadway routine to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” just made us even more anxious for THE END OF THE SHOW.
9:50 pm: Movement Box, from the Boston auditions, performs. Very different, very entertaining.
9:52 pm: Travis and Amy perform the Twitter-winning Travis Wall routine, to “Wicked Game.” No one can pirourette like the amazing Travis Wall, and that ending levitation pull move is so breathtakingly strong, yet again, it makes you cry. As does the fact that we’re minutes away from the winners.
10:01 pm: The Top 10 and all-stars perform a beach-themed 60s “Teen Beach Movie” looking routine, but set to the incomparable B-52s “Rock Lobster” and Cat Deeley points out Ben Vereen in the audience. If you’ve never seen him do “Magic to Do” from “Pippin,” you should check that out.
10:11 pm: Here we go. America’s favorite male dancer on Season 10 is Fik-Shun.

fik shun sytycd 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10 finale: Who won   Aaron, Amy, Fik Shun or Jasmine?

10:16 pm: The majority of America’s votes went to the woman dancer, and the top female dancer on Season 10 is Amy. 
amy sytycd 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10 finale: Who won   Aaron, Amy, Fik Shun or Jasmine?
What do you think, America? Did your favorite couple win? 
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