nigellythgoe soyouthinkyoucandance s6 290 'So You Think You Can Dance': Season 6 auditions continueThe second round of auditions for “So You Think You Can Dance” season six brings us to sunny Phoenix, AZ, where we’re joined by an equally sunny Mia Michaels as the guest judge. Phoenix, it seems, is weird. I’ll spare you the details in the hope that if no one pays attention to the absurd auditions, they’ll stop showing them (and fame whores will stop bothering to show up). 

The Vegas-bound:

Sasha Mallory/21/Contemporary – Sasha auditioned in season four and made it to Vegas. She does an interesting routine with a chair to “First Love” by Adele, and while it’s very emotive, her movements seem a bit ungainly to me and my favorite part is probably the song (though to be fair, I really do like the song a lot). The judges love her to death and send her, sobbing, straight to Vegas.

Allison Becker/21/Contemporary – She had spinal meningitis as a young child and is consequently deaf, dancing by feeling the vibrations of the music. Okay, they’re clearly picking her for the story, but come on – that’s some story. It totally kicks the ass of that girl last week who had the paralyzed mother. Just sayin’. And Allison’s dancing is surprisingly strong – I wouldn’t ever have guessed that she couldn’t hear the music. I didn’t find her contemporary routine especially interesting, but Nigel loves her movement and her face (while conceding that her technique is a bit weak). Mary is very touched personally by Allison’s story, and they send her on through to choreography, where she excels. Right on, lady.

Willem and Jacob/29/Same-sex Latin – Look out Nigel, because we’ve got a pair of same-sex dancers! These fellas are even gold medal winners in same-sex Latin dance (admittedly an event I didn’t realize existed). Nigel has clearly learned his lesson after his much-criticized bout of homophobia last season, and concedes that they have some beautiful lines (which they do). Mia and Mary tear up, and Mary gives them some pretty solid props on technique.

Jonathan “Legacy” Perez/27/Breakdancing – Okay, the ego is a little over the top, but I’m kind of in love with his dancing. So much spinning! And twirling! And crazy running across the stage horizontally on his hands! It’s pretty awesome, and he uses the stage more than I would expect for a b-boy. The judges, of course, slobber all over him. I’ll be interested to see if he can pick up any other styles, though.

The Rest:

“Shortie” and “Biggie”/Hip-Hop – Biggie lives up to his name, and I’ll leave it at that. You know, they’re shockingly not tragic, and even though the judges are laughing at their popping and locking routine, the guys are completely in on the joke. Good move going the comical route, for sure. Especially considering that Nigel and Mia put them through to choreography! Sadly and unsurprisingly, they don’t make it to Vegas.

Jarvis Johnson/18/Bananas – Jarvis is very energetic, and Jarvis is very, very excited. He has pretty much one good move, where he drops down on his back and jumps back up, and is otherwise just generally hysterical. I mean, the dude slaps his own butt on stage. And being completely bananas is pretty much enough to get him through to choreography. Sadly, the poor kid has an asthma attack and needs medical attention, but at least he can brag to his friends about Cat Deeley tenderly caring for him while he was gasping for air, right?

General Thoughts: Tonight wasn’t the parade of contemporary dancers that last week was, which is nice. I wasn’t completely blown away by anyone, however…though the breakdancing was pretty awesome. I’m hoping the East Coast will represent with some great contenders!

On a side note, what do you guys think about the show moving to a three-judge panel with Adam Shankman as a permanent fixture? On the one hand, I love Adam and generally find him to be both inoffensive and insightful, and sometimes delightful. On the other, larger, hand, I’m going to miss hearing from a variety of choreographers. Love her to death (sometimes), but can we start rotating Mary Murphy out, perhaps? I mean, what will we do without Mia Michaels randomly attacking talented dancers, or Lil’ C’s crazy metaphors? Sadness.

How is this crop of contestants comparing with last season’s so far? Any early favorites? 


Posted by:Liz Pardue