Jasonglover_sytycd_s5_290 Two dancers will be cut from “So You Think You Can Dance” tonight, tantalizingly close to making the tour. I have my preferences so I hope none of my favorites are cut. But I’m not holding my breath.

Tonight’s group number uses “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes and the costumes are appropriately military themed. The directing was better than usual but there were still entirely too many sweeps and close-ups at the wrong times. It’s quite frustrating. Tabitha & Napoleon did the choreography so I’m not at all surprised that I liked it.

Host Cat Deeley comes out, introduces judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Tyce D’Orio and promptly wishes Nigel a happy 60th birthday. Happy Bday Nigel!

Unfortunately, Nigel follows that up with some bad news. They were trying to line up a Michael Jackson tribute, a multitude of dance genres with Wade Robson, Mia Michaels, and Napoleon & Tabitha choreographing among others, but Sony wouldn’t clear the music. Everyone together now: BOOOOOOOO!

Caitlin & Jason and Janette & Brandon are the first on stage to find out their fates. After both sets of recaps, Cat reveals that the first couple in the Bottom Three are Caitlin & Jason. This was pretty much a done deal considering how essentially flawless Janette & Brandon were last night.

Randi & Evan and Jeanine & Phillip are next up. After watching the recap, as a commenter in last night’s recap said, I think the judges were being a little too hard on Evan – especially during the Samba. Though I understand wanting him to elevate, I just don’t think that’s the right way to do it. Plus, you have to give him credit for essentially carrying the personality load the whole time. That being said, Randi & Evan are safe leaving Jeanine & Phillip to dance for their life. I think I’d prefer if it were reversed.

Oddly, at this point, Nigel explains how they figure out who’s going home. The judges find out who’s in the bottom the morning of the taping and say, “Who do we want to stay?” versus “Who do we want to send home?” Essentially, they’ve already made up their minds before the solos but things can change with an impressive solo, hence “dancing for your life.” He also adds that they usually take an extra set of dancers on the tour so whoever’s eliminated tonight will probably be there anyway.

Either Melissa & Ade or Kayla & Kupono will be rounding out the Bottom Three. I think Kayla & Kupono had a stronger night overall but the American voting audience often leaves me confused. Huh. We agree for a change. Melissa & Ade are in the bottom for the first time. Kupono’s reaction was priceless. When Tyce blamed Ade, it started out with me curling up my lip but turned into a really good explanation of why the competition is so hard this week. Basically, everyone is really great and their bodies are showing how much they want to be there. Every time they cheat a line or don’t attack as hard, it’s showing that you don’t want it as much as the other guys.

To keep us busy until the soloists are ready, Cat throws to a package of herself revealing some audition footage for the upcoming Fall season (which she’ll be doing for the next few weeks). They showed some stuff from Boston, the first time they’ve been there, and spotlighted a guy named Teddy who’s freakin’ adorable. He’s like the Kasprazak brother who’s rooted in Contemporary. Yay Fall season!

Caitlinkinney_sytycd_s5_290 1. Caitlin

Song: “Stand By Me” by Playing For Change

This was cute and it was nice seeing her not be all serious and stuff but…I wasn’t exactly feeling it for some reason. The choreography was solid and her technique was fabulous but since she’s been in the bottom so much, I’m not sure it’ll be enough to save her.

2. Jason

Song: “Calm Touching” by Evaline

Okay Jason, much better choreography. It was focused, full of content, and didn’t seem manic as solos that flip and fly around the stage that much can seem.

3. Jeanine

Song: “Baby’s Romance” by Chris Garneau

Good choreography and she was really focused, which I greatly appreciate. I hate when soloists fall apart because they’re in the bottom. At any rate, the judges have been fawning over her recently so I doubt she’s going anywhere.

4. Phillip

Song: “The Diva Dance” from The Fifth Element soundtrack

The song choice is freaking brilliant. A great solo as I pretty much always expect from him. It was up to par but I think I may have liked last week’s better. I’ll have to watch it again.

5. Melissa

Song: Kashira by Kodo

It was a good solo. A smart choice to use dynamic music and not go all classical Ballet – it shows range. She also didn’t wilt under the pressure.

6. Ade

Song: “Windowdipper” by Jib Kidder

Tyce telling him that body language means everything certainly lit a fire under his behind. It was a great mix of Contemporary and Hip Hop, had great movement across the stage, and was danced fantastically. After that, there’s no way he’s getting eliminated.

While the judges deliberate, DJ David Guetta and Kelly Rowland perform “When Love Takes Over” which sounds like it samples Coldplay’s “Clocks.” Interesting that Kelly’s going the Club/Electronica route. I wonder if this is a one-time collaboration or if she’s thinking of doing a whole album like this? The four male dancers on stage are awesome. Also, I bet DJ David is European. He just looks it.

It was a unanimous decision and Nigel says that all six dancers were fantastic. He explains that they’ve made their decisions based on people who’ve become stars and essentially can carry themselves through voting as an individual. Given that, it’s no surprise that Caitlin has been eliminated since she’s been in the bottom so many times.

Phillipchbeeb_sytycd_s5_290 The judges are also unanimous regarding the guys. Nigel calls Phillip forward first and he looks like he’s going to throw up. With good reason because he’s been eliminated. Nigel does say that they’ve secured spots on the tour for both Phillip and Caitlin. That gets a smile but it’s probably not as comforting as Nigel thinks. He improved a lot this week, though it’s a shame the breakthrough didn’t happen two weeks ago. Also, I would’ve liked to see Mia get her hands on him.

At any rate, the Top 10 is now set and the couples as we know them are dissolved. Some dancers won’t be able to hide behind the popularity of their partners. And yes, I’m thinking of Randi when I say that. She’s a great dancer but I’m pretty sure Evan’s been getting the majority of the votes all this time.

So do you agree with the Bottom Three and with who went home? Would you trade for any of the previously ousted contestants? Have any ideas who’ll be the first dancers voted off by the public? Any other thoughts?

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Posted by:Tamara Brooks