sytycd alexa anderson cries 'So You Think You Can Dance' Vegas week 2012: Something to cry aboutAs “So You Think You Can Dance’s” careers through Season 9, we’re moving closer to the top 20 and the show’s perennial Las Vegas week took us one (dance) step closer. But not without some tears. Okay, lots of tears.

The biggest outburst came from Alexa Anderson, who burst into water works after a pretty harsh critique from choreographer Tyce Diorio. Honestly, anyone would’ve cried after that smackdown.

“I’m beyond your beauty,” said Diorio criticizing Alexa’s noted inability to emote. “The lights are on, but no one is home.”

Judge Mary Murphy was a bit more gracious, encouraging Alexa to let go and “take a risk.”

“I’m wracking my brain and pushing myself,” says a distraught Alexa who is only 19, though a “SYTYCD” vet having made it to Vegas in Season 8. “I know I can get there I know that I can be on this show and I know that I can do it.”

And later in the show, she does just that — turning the personality up to megawatt level for the ballroom round, a hot cha-cha from choreographer Jason Gilkison.

sytycd amelia lowe vegas 'So You Think You Can Dance' Vegas week 2012: Something to cry about

Also crying:

— Guest judge Adam Shankman, who was seriously moved by 18-year-old Amelia Lowe’s (that’s her above) dance for her life to the theme from “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

— Pink-haired Aubrey, who was cut after the Broadway round and wailed about the fact that she’s made it to Vegas four times, but can’t get a job.

— Blonde perky hip-hopper Mariah from Salt Lake City, who is an amazing talent but needs more time to branch out and really use her limbs.

Joshua, who, like “just can’t even talk” after he makes it through the Travis Wall-choreographed routine.

So that’s it. We’re left with 35 dancers headed to the Green Mile. Who will make it? Next week: The top 20 is revealed!

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson