sytycd melanie moore dances 'So You Think You Can Dance' winner Melanie Moore's 5 best Season 8 dancesWith the confetti settled on Melanie Moore’s “So You Think You Can Dance” victory, we now look ahead to those dark nine months of every year where we don’t get to watch one of our favorite shows.

In the interest of letting it linger just a little bit longer, we’ve come up with our favorite five dances from the 19-year-old Season 8 champ’s time on the show. There are few showcased during last night’s finale and a few that didn’t seem to warrant an encore, but we love them all equally.

So here they are in no particular order…

Melanie and Marko, “Light Bulb”
Obviously the finale can’t dwell entirely on the top 4, but we were surprised not to see Dee Caspary‘s contemporary get any love from the judges. It was one of the strongest collaborations between Melanie and Marko and one of our favorites from the entire season:

Melanie and Sasha, “Picket fences
A lot of good dances can happen on the final performance night and then promptly disappear. Maybe it was too fresh in our memory or maybe it was just too similar to the other Melanie/Sasha combo, but we thought Stacey Tookey‘s contemporary was one of the best things to come out of the finale:

Melanie and Marko, Nappytabs
Excelling at the generous number of contemporary routines thrown at her
during the season, Melanie actually did some of her best work outside of
her style… like this Napoleon and Tabitha hip hop routine, we happily rewatched last night:

Melanie and Sasha, jazz
Most would have probably guessed it would all come down to these two back in the top 8, when Sonya Tayeh paired them up for this excellently dirty jazz number:

Melanie and Marko, “Turn to Stone”
If we’re being honest, all of the magic we saw over the course of Season 8 never quite lived up to that first pairing between Melanie and Marko. Travis Wall‘s sublime choreography started the season off on a high note and solidified Melanie as a favorite. One of the best numbers on the show, ever…

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell