nigellythgoe.jpgLast night, FOX picked the Top 15 “So You Think You Can Dance” performances of all-time, as chosen by executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe, and as much as I respect the man, I must say, pffffffff.

Okay, not exactly pffffffff. Maybe more like pff. There were certainly some fine standouts on Lythgoe’s list.

A few of my favorites — Season 3’s “Hip Hip Chin Chin” performed by Danny & Lacey, choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin; Season 3’s “Boardroom” performed by Neil & Sabra, choreographed by Mandy Moore; Season 4’s “Bleeding Love” performed by Mark & Chelsie, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon — were recognized. And I certainly agree with the inclusion of Melissa & Ade‘s “This Woman’s Work” (Tyce Diorio), Kayla & Kupono‘s “Gravity” (Mia Michaels), Jaimie & Hok‘s “Hummingbird” (Wade Robson), Ivan & Allison‘s “Why” (Tyce Diorio), Jeanine & Jason‘s “If It Kills Me” (Travis Wall) and of course Travis & Heidi‘s Bench routine (Mia Michaels).

Okay, fine, there were several standouts.

But the show should’ve been two hours long.

“So You Think You Can Dance” has had so many phenomenal moments over the last five years that, even with the ten (plus one bonus) performances I’m about to add, I know we’re still missing something…

So yes, watch the clips below and then let me know what’s been left off both my list and Nigel’s (Lythgoe’s list included the aforementioned, as well as Destini & Jamile‘s “Shake,” Melody & Nick‘s “All That Jazz,” Benji & Heidi‘s “Black Mambo,” Lauren & Pasha‘s “Transformers,” Mark & Courtney‘s “The Garden,” Katee & Joshua‘s “Hometown Glory” and Brandon & Janette‘s “Loving Is Really My Game”).

But first, I caught up with the season 5 finalists from “SYTYCD” yesterday afternoon, just before they performed in front of a crowd at L.A.’s Hollywood & Highland complex. And I got their group number on tape. And though the group numbers never really compare to the couple performances, you should watch anyway, ’cause Kayla’s pretty much naked for this one. Yep, naked in public…


Don’t forget that these season 5 finalists are hard at work right now, preparing for the nationwide “So You Think You Can Dance” tour — which is so worth going to, so get tickets if you can — while the season 6 finalists are preparing for the show’s Fall debut, next Wednesday at 8 p.m. just before “Glee”… it’s going to be a joyous night of television.

Okay, now, on to my “So You Think You Can Dance” unsung hero list…

“Dhoom Taana” bollywood

Katee & Joshua

Nakul Dev Mahajan

“No Air” hip hop

Katee & Joshua

Tabitha & Napoleon

“Mercy” contemporary

Katee & Twitch

Mia Michaels

“Knock On Wood” disco

Neil & Sara

Doriana Sanchez

“Falling Slowly” contemporary

Jonathan & Karla

Stacey Tookey

“Make It Work” hip hop

Sabra & Dominic

Shane Sparks

“Mad” hip hop
Phillip & Jeanine
Tabitha & Napoleon

“Eyes on Fire” contemporary
Kayla & Kupono
Sonya Tayeh

“Hush Hush” cha cha
Brandon & Janette
Jean-Marc and France Genereux

Brandon & Jeanine
Laurie Ann Gibson

“Dreaming With A Broken Heart” contemporary
Twitch & Kherington
Mia Michaels

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