EXCLUSIVEN_Jason_57249606_600 The La Habra Police Department and Social Services of Orange County paid a surprise visit to Nadya Suleman's

home Wednesday.

They were

investigating a claim of neglect.

According to Radaronline's chat with Nadya, detectives and child welfare officials conducted a 45 minute interview with her on Wednesday afternoon. No children were removed from the home.

Suleman says she thinks her son Aidan's teacher made the call to

authorities about a black eye and a bite mark on

his back he got from one of his siblings.

Apparently, the kids all bite. Something she also used to do as a child.

OMG, she's raising a pack of wolves!

Octo-Mom said the teacher probably put a note in her son's backpack, but she didn't see it until Tuesday —

what with getting tattoos and all, she's pretty darn busy — and she assumes the teacher alerted authorities when she didn't respond.

Suleman doesn't expect a follow-up call and that she isn't

upset that the officials investigated the claims. She said they asked

her how many nannies were in the home at one time and what kind of

disciplinary action she took with the kids, and before leaving,

commented on how tidy and well-organized her home was.

Well, that's what she says but we don't always believe what Nadya says. Do you?

Suleman also said that because

Aidan is autistic, he often bumps into things, and that she believes he

actually got the black eye at school. Of course he did.

When he got into a fight after kids called his mother the Octo-Pig.

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