Stevensode_barso_4046510_600Steven Soderbergh showed up for a glass of red wine and a good laugh at a special screening of his astonishing new film "The Good German," at the Clarity Theatre in Beverly Hills Thursday.

Before the film began, Soderbergh, who looks quite handsome without his trademark heavy black glasses (thanks to Lasik, I hear) opened and read aloud a short passage from a small book he was carrying.

"The content of a film should reflect the personality of the characters, and the features of the time period of which they live and in this way the setting, costumes and hand props assist people in understanding the personalities of the characters and the material and cultural aspects of life in a particular age."

The audience sat in stunned silence.

"This is from a book called ‘On the Art of the Cinema’  by Kim Jong Yong Il,"  he continued straight-faced, to chuckles of nervous relief. "And when you find a book that has such passion on the page, you just have to share it."

"Where did you get it?," one critic asked Soderbergh, who clearly consulted no one’s textbook for his ground-breaking film that seamlessly weaves historical footage for an eerily classic ’40s feel.

"On Amazon," replied Soderbergh as he made his exit. He wasn’t kidding. The book was published in 1973 and it’s $27.50 with free Super Saver Shipping.

Everyone knows Soderbergh’s a flipping film genius. But who knew the guy was this funny?

Photo Credits: If his film gig doesn’t pan out, Soderburgh should think about doing stand-up.
Tony Barson/WireImage

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