At first glance, one might think that Sofia Vergara is on “Sesame Street” to improve her English. After all, watching Vergara on “Modern Family” is best done with the closed captioning on. However, Vergara is actually a guest star in the upcoming season of “Sesame Street” and she’s sharing a little Spanish vocabulary with Elmo.

In the clip (spoiler alert), Vergara teaches Elmo the meaning of the word “baile.” Once this episode airs, children everywhere will finally be able to fully understand the Enrique Iglesias dance floor classic, “Bailamos.” 

So thanks, Sofia. One of these days, we’ll get Elmo up to speed on both English and Spanish. Though we have to point out that Elmo is now 25 years old so perhaps it’s time we enroll him in some additional classes.

Posted by:janderson