sofia vergara gg 2011 gi Sofia Vergara for Reebok EasyTones? Brooke Burke watch your back.On the one hand, when 38-year-old Sofia Vergara joked on the Golden Globes red carpet that she’s “looking good for my age,” we wanted to reach through the screen and slap her.

On the other, when she used the softball question, “How do you keep in such great shape?” to launch into an endorsement for those trainers we could help but ask.

“I do everything in moderation. I try to eat healthy. I try to work out at least three times, or two times a week with my trainer,” she started out innocently enough before launching into her sales pitch.

“And when I’m not working out, when I can, I wear my very fabulous, fabulous EasyTone Reebok’s. And I wear them because, you know what, I’m not working out but I at least feel like I’m doing something. You feel like you’re doing very good for your legs. I take them, for example to the set or when I’m hanging around.”

Got it. Yet, somehow, as much as Brooke Burke‘s holiday ads for Skechers Shape-Ups annoyed us, Sofia’s shilling did not. Hope she at least gets a free pair of shoes sent to her as a thank you.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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