Sofia Vergara has slapped Jimmy Kimmel on live TV. But don’t worry — it was (probably) part of a bit.

The “Modern Family” actress took part in a new “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment on Wednesday (Jan. 8) called “Mean Internet Comments.” To play the game, Kimmel and Vergara each read a collection of comments left about the other one by the troll-like denizens of the Internet.

While Kimmel’s insults were mainly from people who just didn’t like his comedy, Vergara’s were obviously meant to incite anger — or the acting equivalent thereof. Complaints about the actress’ voice and face were the standard. Vergara kept her cool briefly, but all that ended when Kimmel read a comment that asked if anyone had checked the actress for a penis.

At that, Vergara slapped Kimmel across the face and stormed off. Her final words were priceless:

“For sure bigger than yours!”

Posted by:Laurel Brown