sofia vergara globes gi Sofia Vergara's Golden Globes flub: She chokes on Martin Scorsese's name, but so what?Fans of “Modern Family” are familiar with Colombian-born Sofia Vergara’s thick accent so it probably didn’t come as much of a surprise when she had a bit of trouble pronouncing some of the nominees names for best director, motion picture.  

Things started going south when Vergara got utterly lost trying to spit out “The Artist” director Michel Hazanavicius’ name. She then delivered legendary director Martin Scorcese’s name as something that sounded more like “Marteena Scorsays.” She then made one of her characteristic funny faces (see above) and exited stage left.  

Still, maybe we should all agree to go easy on Sofia. After all, Hazanavicius isn’t exactly the easiest name to spit out on cue and we think her pronunciation of Scorsese’s name was downright charming.

Watch and tell us what you think (Sofia takes the mic around minute 8:00):

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson