sofia vergara wax figure gi Sofia Vergara's wax figure unveiled: 5 other celebrity statues that didn't work as wellSofia Vergara was on hand at Madame Tussaud’s in New York City’s Times Square on Tuesday (June 4) to celebrate the unveiling of her wax figure at the famed museum. As you can see above, the sexy “Modern Family” star and her waxy likeness both looked stunning, but it got us thinking about instances when a celebrity hasn’t been so well represented in wax.

We present the five worst celebrity wax statues:

5. Julia Roberts

julia-robert-wax-figure.jpgYikes. America’s favorite “Pretty Woman” couldn’t have been pleased about this.

4. Jennifer Lopez

jennifer-lopez-wax-figure.jpegWho on Earth thought this was an accurate representation La Lopez? That face hardly looks human.

3. Drew Barrymore

drew-barrymore-wax-figure.jpgThere’s a slight resemblance in the face, but that creepy wax hand is terrifying, as is the dowdy wig and wardrobe. Why? Just why?

2. The cast of “Seinfeld”

seinfeld-wax-figures.jpgThese three, especially the one of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, just might give small children nightmares. So, if that was the intention, job well done.

1. Prince William

prince-william-wax-figure.jpegNo. No no no. There’s nothing else to say except: NO.

Let us know what you think: Which wax figure do you think is the most frightening?
Posted by:Billy Nilles