Soleil Moon Frye, who played TV’s Punky Brewster back in the 1980s, recently admitted that she had a close encounter with Michael Jackson when she was only eight years old.

In her new parenting book, “Happy Chaos,” Moon Frye recounts her experience spending a day at Michael Jackson’s home — a day that included a one-on-one dip in a hot tub.

“So there I was sitting with Michael Jackson, alone in his Jacuzzi, talking about life, love, and the secrets of the world. I was eight years old. Yes, I know you’re probably horrified, or at least a little confused as you read this, wondering how in the world I got there,” Frye writes.

“Michael took my mother and me on a tour of his home,” she continues. “We saw his elaborate costumes encased in glass, his bedroom, all of his knickknacks, and his stunning recording studio … We watched ‘Willy Wonka,’ and Michael and I sat next to each other. He had a way of speaking as if he were a child, too.”

On Tuesday’s (Aug. 23) “Today” show, Moon Frye said of the visit, “It was such a fun, crazy experience. I didn’t realize how strange it was then.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson