parks and rec lock stolen Some jerk stole Leslie and Ben's 'Parks and Rec' lock from Paris bridge

Someone just did something really mean, and we’re not talking about posting a mean tweet. 

Remember when, during “Parks and Recreation’s” 100th episode, Ben and Leslie attached a lock to the famous Paris love bridge? It was sweet, and perfect, and encompassed everything we envy about their relationship. The whole point of locking a lock on that bridge is that it signifies that love is forever.

Unfortunately, that’s all fans have to hold on to the memory of Leslie and Ben’s lock, because some jerk stole it. Someone literally cut through the metal fence the lock was attached to and stole it. This happened in real life. Crazy, right?

Huge hat tip goes out to the fan who discovered the crime while in Paris and visiting the “Parks and Rec” site, and posted a photo on Tumblr of the missing lock. “Whoever you are, super hardcore Parks fan, you kinda suck,” the Tumblr user writes.

parks and rec lock gone Some jerk stole Leslie and Ben's 'Parks and Rec' lock from Paris bridge

And the outrage isn’t just reserved for “Parks and Rec” fans.

“Someone stole the Leslie and Ben lock from the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris. That stinks,” series co-creator Michael Schur says. “Please bring it back?”

And half of the romantic couple the lock signifies is upset about it, too. “This is s***ty,” Adam Scott says.

Heed some advice, “Parks and Rec” thief: Bring the lock back, reattach it and no one has to get hurt. You’ll be forgiven if you return it ASAP.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum