Some of my friends started an email chain this week with the theme being "Why is Lynette always such a bitch?"

They were talking, of course, about Desperate Housewives. There seems to be quite a debate brewing about last Sunday’s episode. Who was in the wrong — Bree or Lynette? I’ve always found Lynette to be the most relatable character on Wisteria Lane and given the choice of Bree, Susan, Edie, Gaby, Katherine or Lynette, I would definitely chose to be friends with Lynette. Bree is soooo passive aggressive. At least with Lynette you know where you stand.

I think both Bree and Lynette were wrong on Sunday — Bree for throwing away the pizza and Lynette for making Bree’s recipe without the proper ingredients. Although I did find Bree's behavior highly annoying. But I actually think the series is facing a much bigger problem. After starting out strong, Desperate Housewives seems a little aimless of late. Kind of like they can’t pursue the Dave storyline full throttle until they’re closer to the end of the season so we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern. The five year jump hasn’t done much to expand the character’s world or potential storylines. You know I love Mike but having him with Katherine kind of bores me. I never really believed Gaby would struggle with losing weight and I wish the show would further explore Gaby as a mother. I mean where are her daughters?

The world of Brothers & Sisters is also feeling more and more claustrophobic. As I’ve long said, we need an episode where no one with the last name Walker raises his or her voice. I really enjoyed Sarah’s Greenatopia storyline probably, in part, because it removed her from the day to day minutia of life with the Walkers. Whatever the ulterior motives are for the Tommy storyline, I'm happy to finally see him scheming (albeit illegally) against Holly. And I used to really like Robert but I don’t think the Robert we knew would secretly hatch a plan to run for governor, do you?

How are you feeling about Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters these days? Do you still like Lynette? Talk about it below. And for my friend Korbi's take on the Bree/Lynette fight, click here.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Bianca Lawson is playing Shawna on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She was Nikki on Dawson’s Creek and Kendra on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Katrina caught Vanessa Marano reprising her roles as Jack’s daughter Hanna on Without a Trace. She was April on Gilmore Girls and Franchesca on The Comeback.

Ryan and Mary were the first to recognize John Glover as Saul's boyfriend Henry on Brothers & Sisters. Glover was Lionel Luthor on Smallville, Satan on Brimstone, and most recently Simon Kraft on Numb3rs.

Stewart and Nicholas were the first to catch John Rubinstein doing double duty for ABC Sunday night. First he was the headmaster of the school Susan wanted to send M.J. to on Desperate Housewives and then he was offering Kitty her dream job as a University professor on Brothers & Sisters. Rubinstein has a long list of guest credits but I remember him most as Linwood Morrow on Angel.

Dennis recognized Stephanie Niznik as the doctor who reminded Jack that he had been suspended from the hospital on Lost. Niznik was, of course, Nina on Everwood and the mom last season on Life is Wild. Dennis also caught Jennifer Elise Cox as the woman who was planning to have a baby with Marco’s boyfriend on Privileged. Cox is Amy on 10 Items or Less and we all remember her inspired take on Jan Brady in the Brady Bunch movies.

Marisa Coughlan also had a busy week. She was the woman who thought she had married her husband on Medium and then she appeared as FBI Special Agent Payton Perotta on Bones. Coughlan was also Melissa, Alan’s secretary, on Boston Legal. Deidre Lovejoy was the agent who turned out to be the gravedigger on Bones. She was Rhonda on The Wire.

Angela recognized M.C. Gainey, Tom on Lost, as the security consultant on Burn Notice. Angela also caught Marla Sokoloff as Melanie, the woman who thought her employer had killed her dad, on Burn Notice. Sokoloff was Alice on Big Day, Lucy on The Practice, and Jody on Party of Five. She was also Claire, Tom and Lynette’s nanny, on Desperate Housewives.

Ben Shankman was the husband whose wife ran over him with a car on Grey’s Anatomy. We saw him last season as Russell on Canterbury’s Law. Jennifer Westfeldt was his wife. Westfeldt was Lauren on Notes from the Underbelly.

Laura Allen was Beth, the woman Owen saw at the end of Grey’s Anatomy. Allen was Lily on The 4400 and Julia on Dirt.

Ginni recognized Peter Mackenzie was the patient who had tried "number 9" on Grey’s Anatomy. We just saw Mackenzie on My Name is Earl as the father of the son who wouldn’t leave home (remember Earl felt responsible for getting the babysitter pregnant) and Ginni remembered him as the Genius al those years ago on Herman's Head.

If there’s something familiar about Rose’s boyfriend Zachary on Privileged that’s because he’s played by Dave Franco, the younger brother of actor James Franco. We saw Franco earlier this season as Gus on the thankfully short-lived Do Not Disturb and he’s also Gonzo on Greek.

Leonard Roberts was the cop wanting to arrest the shoplifter on ER. He was D.L. on Heroes and Forrest on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Shannon Woodward is Sam’s younger sister Kelly on ER. She was DiDi on The Riches.

One of my favorite actors Ty Burrell, Gary last season on Back to You and Oliver on Out of Practice, was the representative for the energy committee who let the merger go through on Damages.

Debbie recognized Billy Burke as the lawyer who turned out to be the serial rapist on The Closer. Burke is Bobby’s older brother Jack on My Boys and I’ll always remember him as Gary Matheson from the second season of 24. Actually because he played Gary on 24, I always just assume he’s the bad guy when I see him in an hour long drama.

Some Fun Links

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