sons of anarchy greensleeves fx 'Sons of Anarchy': Bobby pays the price for Jax's terrible choices

Is anyone safe from Jax’s decisions on “Sons of Anarchy.” The problem is he has too much going on at once and it’s all driven by his lust for revenge against those he thinks killed Tara.
This time his poor decisions have hit close to home again, costing Bobby Elvis his eye. After trying to squash August Marks’ real estate development, the thug’s head of security introduces himself with a package containing Bobby’s patches and eyeball. As you know from the scenes from next week, he’s not down and out just yet, though.
It’s the leadership choices Jax makes, along with the misinformation from Gemma that’s fueling them, that has SAMCRO in a tailspin. However, the club is also solidifying some alliances. At long last the beef between the club and the Mayans is over, at least for now. It’s not like it hasn’t happened many times before.
Now, with Marks holding Bobby captive and the Sons working with the Mayans and the Bastards, a war is on. That says nothing of the Chinese. With Lin on the inside, SAMCRO has sort of accepted Juice back into the fold. At least long enough to get him imprisoned to kill Lin once and for all. Whether they’ll let him live beyond that, well you’ll have to tune in to see.
As for Gemma and her lies, now that Abel knows who really killed his mom, how much longer can she hope to keep the truth from Jax? Things are going to go nuclear when he finds out and the fallout is going to be devastating.
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