ron-perlman-sons-of-anarchy-S4.jpg“Sons of Anarchy” is back in Charming and bringing the heat for Season 4. But recent events have had us wondering – can Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) be salvaged as a character? Warning: SPOILERS if you are not completely caught up with the show thus far.

Clay has done some dastardly things in his time on “Sons of Anarchy,” but in the last couple weeks, he has killed an old friend in Piney, taken out a hit on Tara and then beaten the tar out of Gemma (Katey Sagal). How does this end?

Gemma and Wayne know Clay killed Piney. Gemma knows Clay ordered the hit on Tara – she’s not stupid. And if Clay will so readily take out Piney and Tara, how much time does Gemma have before he turns on her?

Sure, Clay tried to call the hit back when he found out Jax and the babies were with Tara, but big deal. Too little, too late. Plus, he involved the Mayans, who are much more interested in protecting their drug business than saving Tara’s life.

So how does this end? We are having a hard time picturing how the four main characters of Jax, Tara, Gemma and Clay all make it out of this season alive. The only one we feel is 100% safe is Jax. At this point, we actually want something bad to happen to Clay at the hands of either Jax or Gemma.

But we also can’t imagine the show without Ron Perlman. He’s a tour de force. (And while we’ll take the Golden Globe for Sagal, we think some hardware could come his way too.) Clay is an amazing foil for Jax. He weathered the Donna murder debacle and even though we’ve suspected for awhile now he killed John Teller, that death has never been overly affecting to us as viewers because it’s a long-gone event. But we don’t know how the character can possibly be salvaged after the events of this season. Gemma even says at the end of the most recent episode, “Clay can’t be saved” and tells Wayne that Jax is going to kill him.

And just as an aside, if Clay was gone – our dreams of a Gemma/Tig coupling could finally be realized.

Anyway, we trust creator Kurt Sutter to deliver, plus the show just got an extra episode to close out the season (after Sutter had been tweeting he had three episodes’ worth of content for the finale alone). We are both eager and trepidatious to see how this all plays out.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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