If you haven’t seen the third episode of “Sons of Anarchy” Season 6, you really don’t want to read on. There’s plenty of talk about a major happening in the episode, so consider yourself warned.
The last episode of “Sons of Anarchy” left viewers with a lot of uncertainty and sadness. There’s not been any real levity to fall back on this season and it’s starting to take a toll.
Before digging into all the latest happenings though, one thing needs to be addressed, something that happened in the final minutes of “Poenitentia.” Viewers are led to believe that Tig (Kim Coates) is meeting his maker, after six seasons. Is he actually a goner, though?
As the show wrapped up, Tig was seen in a warehouse, after being sent there by Jax (Charlie Hunnam) to wait for the prospects. Only, Damon Pope’s (Harold Perrineau) men arrived instead, leaving an utterly confused and devastated Tig. Those men want him dead and now they have him. You don’t actually see the kill though, so don’t get too ahead of yourself.

After all, it was also a foregone conclusion that they wanted Clay (Ron Perlman) dead too, but we now know that they’re stringing him along, as Jax needs him alive to get out of the gun trade. So Pope’s guys are using him as their own personal hitman in the jail system. As long as he’s useful to them alive, he’s not going anywhere.
Regardless of whether Tig lives or dies, it really seems like Jax wants him gone and has come to terms with it. It’s not like Season 5 where he came to save the day after Tig was left with a vengeful Pope. If not for Jax, Tig would have been dead in that moment. However, thie time he simply went home. As he sends Tig away to the warehouse, he even gives him a “Godfather”-esque kiss on the cheek, in what seems like a farewell. However, he gave one of those to Juice (Theo Rossi) last week and he seems alright, so far.

The main sticking point is they don’t show Tig’s death on screen. When main cast members in the club die on this show, they tend to show it as graphically as possible. It’s unlikely that they’d make that change for Tig. Our money says he survives the meeting, somehow.
As for the rest of the episode, after Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) visit last week, Jax finally makes it to visit Clay in jail. The former president admits to Jax he offered to turn on the club to speak with him, but says he’s not actually giving up any information. Instead, Clay seems resigned to his fate as he knows what awaits him outside of protective custody.
What he didn’t expect was being kept alive in general population, by doing the bidding of Pope’s men on the inside. Clay gets yet another reprieve from the ending even he knows awaits him.
Luckily for Toric (Donal Logue), he won’t really need Clay’s ratting to get what he wants. He starts the episode in bed with the escort he made a date with at Nero’s (Jimmy Smits) brothel in the last episode. It doesn’t end well as he “accidentally” shoots her in the stomach, before putting two more bullets in her head. In case you forgot, Toric is a crazy person.
He then sets everything up to make it look like Nero killed her, right down to planting hair and a scrap of the escort’s clothing in his car. Toric has made it clear he’ll attack the club in any way possible, so going after their close ally makes sense. Of course, he also has other plans, paying a visit to a couple of Nero’s Latin gang banger buddies, causing them some serious pain and dental costs while looking for Arcadio and the shooter’s mom. He’ll need a shovel if he’s going to find them.
The episode also features the first scene of the club’s voting members at the jury table this season. It’s a big reminder of how the numbers of SAMCRO members are dwindling. There’s only six members at the table, which has quite a few empty chairs. The club is in a poor state and it’s not getting any better.
For as much as he’s grown in his six seasons, Jax shows how immature he still is when Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) suggests he call Bobby (Mark Boone Junion) to fill him in on the news about Clay working with Toric and deciding not to rat. “If he misses me so much, he shouldn’t have left,” Jax says before slamming his gavel down.
It looks like Bobby will be making his way back soon, though. He’s rallied the troops to form a nomad chapter, and next it’ll go to a vote. The chapter will have five guys, only one less than SAMCRO, which says a lot about Jax’s leadership. In the episode, Bobby says something that really has become a theme for the entire series. “It’s time for a change,” he declares. That sentence has been said by many on “Sons of Anarchy,” but the changes that come are always to the club’s detriment.
Wendy’s (Drea de Matteo) back too, though she’s obviously up to something sly. She says she’s there because someone attacker her after a NA meeting, but we all know that’s not the case and that her bruises are just clever little makeup tricks. So what’s Wendy really up to? After Jax shot her up with an 8 ball in Season 5, wanting revenge isn’t necessarily unjustified. Thanks to Gemma, she’s also packing heat now. Seriously, why does Mama biker have a hat box full of guns? Who keeps hat boxes anymore?
Just when you thought tor torture porn story was over, it comes back to bite the club right on the rear. There they are, having a nice and civil cup of coffee and a scone with Barosky (Peter Weller) and Collete (Kim Dickens), the madame they’re in business with, when all hell breaks loose in the form of a drive-by shooting. 
Now, Jax knows Tig killed the torture porn kingpin’s brother, even if neither of them will actually say it out loud. Seriously, this show would end really quickly if none of them could lie for a week.
Outside of club business, there’s still the marriage between Jax and Tara (Maggie Siff). It was revealed last week that Tara is filing for divorce, but now there’s an added wrinkle in the mix. It was hinted at, but now confirmed, that Tara is pregnant. For any other couple that would be joyous news. Gemma’s pretty excited though, as is Jax. Tara seems less so, which isn’t surprising considering she’s looking at a prison sentence.
All of that aside, the big question is the one of Tig’s fate. Was that the last fans will see of him? When Coates spoke to Zap2it at the “Sons of Anarchy” premiere, he hinted that a major character death was coming this season. Was he making a veiled reference to his own demise?
If Tig is killed, his death is perhaps a bigger loss to the show than even Opie’s (Ryan Hurst) in Season 5. It also shows the complete turn Jax has made, from being devastated watching Opie die, to being the man behind Tig’s killing. The man in charge of the club is spinning further and further out of control as the crew around him shrinks more and more.
If he is indeed responsible for Tig’s death, he’s legitimately no better than Clay, who also killed a fellow member. Though, Clay had the added sin of also having a brother’s wife be murdered.
What did you think of the episode?
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