sons of anarchy s3 ryan hurst kim coates 320 'Sons of Anarchy': Fantastic character developmentsons of anarchy s3 ryan hurst kim coates 320 'Sons of Anarchy': Fantastic character developmentBoy, the storytelling this season may have gone to crap, but there is some fantastic character stuff going on while the Belfast storyline unravels. (And, to be fair, the story back in Charming, with Tara/Margaret and the SAMCRO B-team is pretty solid.)

So Father Ashby tells Jax that the IRA needs proof of Jimmy O’s treachery with the barn bomb, so the Sons set out to find Liam and get him to confess. At the same time, Jimmy and his hench-person are staking out Liam so they can “tie up loose ends.” After Gemma and Maureen get Liam’s location out of Cherry, they track him down at a warehouse, where Sean Casey (Ashby’s guy) tortures a confession out of him. He also rats out McGee, before Jax puts him down. Jimmy’s goons finally show up and they storm the warehouse, which the Sons have soaked in gas and set ablaze. So after literally smoking Jimmy out, there’s a rooftop shootout. Jimmy escapes, but Clay nabs McGee, and is faced with the sad duty of offing a fellow original club member. He’s bummed.

Jax brings the confession to Ashby and the IRA, but they tell Jax they have to deal with Jimmy internally. This, as you might expect, disappoints Jax. Ashby tells Jax they’ll meet about it later, and Jax is so frustrated by this turn of events that he goes and starts making out with his half-sister Trinny. Yeah, that finally happened. Luckily, an arguing Gemma and Mo (with Cherry as a most unlikely referee) stumble upon them, half-naked but still technically pre-incestuous. The moms finally decide to come clean. Jax takes it with good humor, but Trinny’s pretty shattered by the news.

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