maggie siff sons of anarchy tara death reflection fx 'Sons of Anarchy': Maggie Siff reflects on Tara's Season 6 death

It was one of the most gut-wrenching moments in the entire series of of “Sons of Anarchy.” As the Season 6 finale played out, it looked like Jax and Tara had found a solution to their mutual problems and a way to save their family. Then Gemma had to get involved, killing Tara in a fit of rage.
Now, with Season 7 in production, Maggie Siff is looking back on the episode that saw her fan-favorite character die. For the actress, one of the most important scenes in that finale was the initial meeting between Jax and Tara in the park. “For me, the question was really, am I really afraid that he’s going to kill me?,” Siff explains in an interview with EW. “And I think Charlie felt similarly: is this really a consideration? Having to dig and find that place where that could be true was the hard work of the episode — finding all of the love that she had for this man in addition to the terror that she has arrived at.”
Siff continues, “I also knew it was, for myself, really the last significant scene that you would ever really see between them. There’s the scene in the hotel room and some stuff that follows, but the life of those characters together kind of culminates in that scene.”
As for her tears in the scene, Siff says they definitely weren’t planned. “I wanted to be as restrained and subtle as possible — less is usually more. However, when we started playing with it, the tears just came,” she says. “It’s sort of like when I, Maggie, really put myself in that situation of what would this be like: To have to walk away from this park knowing you’re never going to see your kids again, and that you’re going to die? That is a completely, completely overwhelming feeling. And the feeling of loss is really not for one’s self but for one’s children, I think.”
As for how the series will end, Siff knows some things that may happen, but isn’t using her connection to the show to find out anything else. “I don’t want to read scripts,” she says. “I want to see it with everybody else. I’m excited. It’s going to be weird and kind of great to just watch it on television.”
“Sons of Anarchy” returns for a final season in September on FX.
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