sons of anarchy s3 katey sagal 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: BainneYou guys, this season. I just don’t know. Let’s starts with the Charming stuff, as Wayne has finally seen the light on Jacob Hale and approaches the Sons about taking him down. Meanwhile, Stahl gets wind of Tara’s abduction, and so she and the B-Team stage the world’s least competent money drop, which spooks Salazar. Lucky for Tara, she was able to grab a spare shard of broken mirror and slashed Salazar’s lady Luisa’s throat. Not-so-lucky for Tara, she kind of fucks up the next step, sending Margaret free and letting herself stay hostage so she can try to save Luisa’s life. When Luisa proves un-saveable, Salazar slams Tara down on the hood of the car and looks like he’s going to kill her. I’m sure that has a chance of happening!

As for Belfast, Jax gets the address for the Scary Catholic Ophanage, and when he and Gemma and Opie get there, Gemma pulls a gun on a nun (inspiring the scariest book Dr. Seuss never wrote) and then holds a gun to an orphan baby in order to get the file on Abel’s adoptive parents. Sorry, circling back: HOLDS A GUN ON AN ORPHAN BABY. What have they done to you, Gemma? So Jax tracks down the family and has a 90-minute sad-music pondering session about whether to let his son go and live a life outside the club. Ultimately, he does, and Gemma is seriously so pissed. But when the Club finds out that Jimmy killed Sean Casey not to obtain the location of Fiona and Jewel’s Cousin but rather the location of baby Abel, they all race back to the hotel where they find the adoptive parents killed and Abel gone. At which point Jax now has the choice made for him: he’s getting Abel back. Quite the cop-out on what seemed to be a pretty powerful choice.

Jimmy wants to trade Abel for safe passage out of Ireland, and Jax needs the IRA to intervene. They do, in exchange for a deal with SAMCRO in which they agree to 1) kill Jimmy back in California, and 2) agree to a partnership that will expand their gun trade in NorCal exponentially. At the hand-off, we see the other stipulation of the deal was that Ashby voluntarily gave himself up to Jimmy in exchange for Abel. Which is nice of him, since Jimmy’s going to seriously murder him.

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