sons of anarchy s3 maggie siff 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Everything's EventualLike the cleaner with a dead body, let’s break this “Sons of Anarchy” episode down into its constituent parts.

When Irish Guys are Lying: Jimmy O continues to lie to SAMCRO as to Abel’s whereabouts. And that baby’s on the move again: Father Ashby is going to arrange an under-the-table adoption to “a good Catholic family.” Maureen tries to give Gemma a heads-up, but the only number she’s got is for Gemma’s cell, which is locked in a desk at Teller-Morrow Auto. We also find out that John Teller stepped out on Gemma with Mo, lo those many years ago, and Mo’s still carrying a torch for the man. This raises many questions — Is Mo’s daughter Trinity Jax’s half-sister? Who in SAMCRO knows about the Maureen/John Teller affair? How will Jax react if he finds out? But the most pressing question of all: Will it ever occur to these guys to just head to Belfast?

Skeleton Crew: Via a string of events both idiotic (Tara untying one of the captive Amelia’s hands out of concern for her blood circulation) and incredible (Gemma stabbing Amelia with a knife Amelia’s holding in her hand), Gemma and Tara are faced with a problem: How to get rid of a dead woman’s body? Naturally, Tig knows a guy, Bachman, who can do the job. We never find out exactly how Bachman the clean-up guy gets rid of Amelia’s mortal remains. But we do know he charges in the low four figures and has eclectic taste in religious art and 1980s music. Also: When Gemma’s not busy demonstrating that you do not f*** with Gemma Teller, she’s having a very poignant conversation with Nate about how he’s got to go live someplace where people can take care of him.

You Can’t Spell “Dope” Without “Opie:” Clay leans on the Grim Bastards to gather intel on the Mayans. Fine, say the Grim Bastards, but they want some nice, big, illegal weapons for their troubles. In order to procure the weapons, Clay goes to Lin for a shipment. Lin’s amenable, but only if SAMCRO works their Caracara contacts and brings in a passel of porn starlets to pleasure the jaded Hong Kong clientele he’s entertaining that afternoon. Opie’s new lady, Lyla, is all for this, telling him it’s for the club and revealing that she only has a limited time left of looking like jailbait fetish material anyway, so Carpe Verpus, she reasons. Opie is fine with this in theory, but catches sight of it in practice and loses his mind on the Hong Kong guys. Clay salvages the day by cutting Lin in on another facet of SAMCRO’s gun-dealing business.

The Cut Direct: When a group of barbershop regulars (including Unser) pointedly snub Piney on the day of Hale’s service, he gets an inkling that the town of Charming is pissed at SAMCRO. The second indication: Charming’s town council put a motion before the San Joaquin DA to get a new bail hearing in the assault case, so the boys could go back to jail until the hearing. Jax’s genius idea: Bag jail — he’ll take a road trip to Canada! And he can bring his mom, too! He initially intends to be the only one going, but Clay rallies the club and everyone decides, What the hell, when you get a chance to go hang out at the Granville Island Brewing Company, you take it. But at the very end of the episode, Juice gets an email from the Belfast club VP and it’s a picture of Cameron’s dead body … so now the guys are genuinely confused as to where Abel is.

Exchange of the Night:
JAX: [asking about Opie and Lyla] Looks like you guys are working things out, huh?
OPIE: I can never tell. Every time I try to talk to her, we end up naked.
BOBBY ELVIS: Just marry her. That’ll stop it.

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