sons of anarchy finale 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Have Some Coke and a SmileWhile in Stockton, Clay brokered a deal with the Mexicans: the club is now muling pure, uncut cocaine for Danny Trejo. Remember that SAMCRO historically shuns the drug trade — and indeed, one of the tenets of their pact with Unser was that they’d keep drugs out of Charming. Now, however, Clay’s getting very nervous about the inevitable day when he has to step down, and he sees this deal as his nest egg. Although Jax initially protests, he soon makes his own bargain with Clay, promising he’ll maneuver the club into approving the new line of work so long as Clay lets him walk away from SAMCRO without repercussions.

The SAMCRO boys are bitterly divided on the issue: Piney and Bobby Elvis are adamantly opposed; Juice and Opie are opposed only because they don’t care for the risk; Tig wants what Clay wants. Their division closes over temporarily when the contretemps of the week break out. This time, it’s Opie and Jax in peril after the Russians ambush them at the Wahewa’s bullet shop. Danny Trejo’s cartel shows up to kill everyone. As any cartel headed by Danny Trejo would. The club still has to vote, but I’m guessing Opie is now pro-cartel.

The local law enforcement is none too happy about all those dead Russians, but their displeasure with the man Potter has dubbed “Mayor McCheese” runs a pretty close second. Although many of the suits have cleared out, Potter and Roosevelt quickly figure out that SAMCRO didn’t kill the Russians merely for revenge, and begin speculating on what “bigger play” the club’s about to make. Roosevelt decides to rattle the SAMCRO cage, which he does by finding a boatload of fire code violations and taking an ax to their wall of mugshots. He also buries the hatchet in the table at church. “You pushed me to this,” Roosevelt tells Clay. “I strongly suggest you don’t do it again.”

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