sons of anarchy s3 katey sagal 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: If You IncestOn “Sons of Anarchy”: There’s a lot more ominous buildup this week, on both continents, as it all spirals toward what promises to be a bloody, heartbreaking end for someone (or someones). First up, in Ireland, Jax fills SAMCRO in on his conversation with Father Kellan Ashby but tells them all he doesn’t want to kill Jimmy, because he suspects all is not as simple as the Father made it sound. Gemma wants to kill, kill, kill, but Jax’s real reasons probably have more to do with the phone calls he keeps making to Agent Stahl (whose girlfriend may be onto her and onto Jax’s whereabouts, by the way), who tells him she’s not interested in any deals if Jimmy dies. SAMCRO doesn’t tell SAMBEL their plan, which is to capture Jimmy and take him to the Father instead of killing him (though Jax’s plan may be different even still). Which is a good thing, since Liam and McGee are in deep with Jimmy.

While the SAMs ride around the Irish countryside and through boring police roadblocks, Jimmy pays a little visit to the ladies back at Maureen’s: Gemma, Maureen, Fiona and Kerianne. Jimmy kills one Irishman who’s there with the ladies, then trains his gun on Gemma to get Fiona and Kerianne to go with him. Then Trinity busts in and shoots Jimmy’s guy, giving the ladies in the kitchen a chance to turn the tables. Gemma comes very close to killing Jimmy, until Fiona pulls a gun on her (to protect her from the fury that would rain down if she did kill him). Then she pulls her gun on Jimmy and tells him to leave her and Kerianne the eff alone. SAMCRO seems to mostly decide Jimmy needs to die. And Father Kellan Ashby continues to mastermind it, while floating above it all, untouched, being offered promotions from the Vatican. Jax comforts himself in the arms of his half-sister as Gemma tries not to vomit (but still doesn’t tell him).

Back in Charming, Unser and SAMCRO are trying to figure out (separately) who hurt Lumpy. SAMCRO’s smart enough to question Darby, who tells them it was Jacob, which is information they take straight to Unser. He pretends not to buy it, but then deviously questions Jacob without questioning him — and it looks like Unser has more than a clue what Jacob’s up to. SAMCRO also figures that the Mayans had nothing to do with it, and it had to be Salazar. They don’t get to him soon enough, though, before he’s threatening Jacob with blackmail to find out who Jax’s lady is and then tracking her down (while she’s with her boss — who’s all tatted up) on the way to the abortion clinic. As the episode ends, Salazar and his girl kidnap Tara and Margaret at gunpoint.

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