sons of anarchy s3 ryan hurst kim coates 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Jax Teller: Master Strategist, Amateur Human BeingOn “Sons of Anarchy”:

SAMCRO’s growing pains: The boys vote in three new prospects who, frankly, make Pinto and Flounder from “Animal House” look like hardened cons. They also vote in Happy, who wants to quit being a nomad and become part of the SAMCRO chapter. But Kozik’s request for transfer is blackballed by Tig — there is bad blood between these two for unspecified reasons — and the two end up brawling through the clubhouse. They do team up to murder someone later, so there may be hope for these two yet.

When you walk with the devil: Stahl hands Jax the statement Gemma should give, and in turn, Jax leans on his mom to memorize the finer points. Gemma turns in a beautiful performance, admitting to Polly’s murder and fingering… Stahl’s partner, Agent Tyler, as the dirty ATF agent who shot Edmond. Shocker of the night: It is heavily implied that Stahl’s the one who sold her girlfriend up the river. But she’s back on the Irish investigation, so she’ll have her recovering career to keep her warm.

Fall of the Mayan empire: Most of the SAMCRO boys hijack one of the vans that was supposed to deliver heroin to the Stockton prison. Clay engineers a meetup with the Mayans and strikes a deal: Let the Grim Bastards do the heavy lifting on the heroin runs, and SAMCRO takes a $25,000 toll for each run. Other riders on the deal: SAMCRO kills the rat cooling his heels at St. How Does The Tiny Tax Base In Charming Afford The Hospital, the Lodi puppet club doesn’t patch into the Mayans, and the head of the Mayans personally assures Osborne that the violence between SAMCRO and the Mayans is over. The upside to this: Osborne arranges passage to Belfast on a cargo shipment out of the Stockton airport.

“We were on a break!” Jax is having pangs of conscience when it comes to whether or not he’s good for Tara, and Clay stomps those beneath the heel of his boot with, “She’s a chick. Don’t complicate it.” He then goads Jax into asking Tara to unload their HIV protocol drugs for money, pointing out it’s all for Abel. Jax reluctantly asks Tara — you can tell he really doesn’t want to — and she sets up the deal for him. In a twist of fate seen only on intricately-plotted TV shows, white supremacist/nemesis Darby sees the deal closing. He then takes the intel straight to Hale the Lesser. And somehow, mere moments after that, the San Joaquin sheriffs get the urge to raid the SAMCRO clubhouse just in case they’re hiding any drugs. Jax erroneously concludes that someone in on the deal narc’ed, and decides that, for Tara’s sake, he had better dump her. Then he runs off to salve his broken heart by banging Ima the porn starlet. Here’s hoping his inconvenient sperm don’t knock this one up, too.

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