sons of anarchy s3 charlie hunnam 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Liar, Liar, Ants on FireOh, Kozik, you big dumb human golden retriever. Thanks to his game of street basketball with some of the kids who live near Happy’s mom and aunt, he gives the local crime crew a prime opportunity to boost the truck that has SAMCRO’s new firearms inventory. The crew — headed by two brothers named Luther and Vandross who only want to buy a swanky new Ford F-350 for their mother via the money they expect to get for the guns — is quickly brought to heel thanks to a combination of SAMCRO hijinks and their mother. (I hope we see more of Marianne Jean-Baptiste in the future. She was awesome.)

Clay and Gemma launch a PR offensive designed to convince Tara that they’d never, ever, ever conspire to kill the inconvenient waffler John Teller. It has exactly the opposite effect. We also learn that Tara’s been looking at other hospitals around the country, but now she’s stalling because “I have to let Jax lead us out.”

Meanwhile, Potter and Roosevelt have correctly figured out SAMCRO’s involvement with the Galindo cartel, and they know it’s big, bad news. Roosevelt helps Potter launch Plan B, which involves exploiting Juice as the weak link. Potter’s dug up Juice’s dad and it turns out Juice is not only part Puerto Rican, he’s also African American by way of his dad. This will not sit well with SAMCRO, and Juice knows it… so it’s a question of how far he’s willing to go and what he’s willing to do to keep Roosevelt from passing that information along.

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