ron perlman soa s4 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Manos, the Hands of FateHOLY CRAP! You guys, this episode was insane.

Vacation, Biker-Style: Jax and Tara’s trip starts off well — family sing-alongs in the car, a friendly discussion with a motorcycle cop about the bliss of riding, giddy plans to move to Oregon ASAP (and who can blame them? I would move there in a hot minute) — so naturally, it all goes to hell when a group of hired thugs tries to kidnap Tara. Since she is now an old pro at being abducted, Tara knows how to fight back, but right around the time the armed Jax manages to slow down the van, she gets her hand slammed in the door. Remember: she is a surgeon. Or rather, she was a surgeon, as she’s got severe nerve damage.

There is an awesome scene between Tara’s two self-appointed surrogate mothers, Gemma and Margaret, where they basically fight over whether or not Jax and Tara belong together. Margaret calls it: “All this suffering landing on Tara, it’s because of you.” She stalks off and leaves God’s Fierce Mother to chew on that in the chapel.

There is also an awesome scene where Tara breaks down in the hospital, where she says, “The only way I can be with you is if I lose my way out. I lost that today, baby. I have a dead hand. No one will want me now. No one … I’ll never save another life again, never fix a tiny heart. It’s okay. We can now be together — you, me, Gemma … in beautiful Charming. A happy family. Maybe I can smash my other hand. That way I can just stay home, be a mom, raise babies …” When an agonized Jax tries to comfort her, she completely loses it and kicks him out. He collapses on the other side of the door, racked with guilt. (Seriously: Great work by both actors.)

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