kozik sons of anarchy 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Meet the Real Walking DeadSEND BIKERS, GUNS MONEY Kozik’s back, along with some guys from the Tacoma chapter, and he’s brought a boatload of BFG with him. We learn that the Irish are not rarin’ to get into bed with the cartel, but rather than listen to the instincts of a bunch of old terrorists who are probably alive because of the aforementioned instincts, Clay mulishly insists that he will broker a Mexican/Irish gun deal in our time. He’s a regular Kissinger of the underworld.

Clay uses this presumed big-money deal as a cudgel to keep Jax in line, as the younger man is not too keen on his stepfather using his mom as a speedbag. Clay could not care less, so long as Jax is still on board with this cartel foolishness.

Speaking of cartel foolishness: Romeo and Luis show Jax two bound bodies, their faces mutilated beyond recognition, and claims those were the people who attacked Tara. Jax points out that there were three assailants and you can see Luis inventing the “We’re on it!” lie as it comes out of his mouth. Also, the bodies do not look as though they belonged to people of northern European stock (which, remember, the abductors were). Jax wants to be there when Romeo takes out Thug Number Three, and Romeo cuts his eyes all, You bikers are easier to manipulate than an Atari joystick. Clay helps the fiction along by arguing that SAMCRO’s presence will somehow bolster the Irish King’s confidence in the pending meet.

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