sons of anarchy s3 charlie hunnam 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Not Even Biker Gangs are Immune to Work Life Balance IssuesPreviously, on “Sons of Anarchy” … A bunch of white supremacists picked the wrong town to move into (Charming, California) and the wrong lady to gang-rape (Gemma Teller Morrow), then spent their brief tenure in the San Joaquin county hamlet learning to regret those strategic missteps.

Also: Agent Stahl — whom you will all remember as having an ambition-to-competence ratio of approximately 100:1 — managed to badly bungle a plan to take down the IRA’s Northern California operations. She shoots an IRA informer, Edmond Hayes, then manages to pin the murder on Gemma (who was there to murder Edmond’s girlfriend, Polly, the White Supremacist’s Daughter).

Unsurprisingly, Edmond’s dad does not take news of his son’s murder well. Clay sums it up quite accurately with: “Cameron [Hayes] killed Half-Sack and took my grandson because Stahl lied and framed Gemma.”

So we start this season with Gemma on the lam, Abel off-screen with a grief-crazed IRA gunrunner, and the SAMCRO regulars up to their eyebrows in all sorts of legal trouble. Here’s what happens in the Season 3 premiere:

SAMCRO’s managed to get Gemma out of California, and she’s parked in a motel up near the Rogue river in Oregon with a few local riders and Tig to keep her safe. Clay makes the call to keep the news of Abel’s kidnapping from Gemma, reasoning that, should Gemma find out what’s happened, she’s likely to head back to California, thereby increasing her chances of getting caught.

Even with Gemma unaware of the Abel situation, she’s still convinced she needs to get back to California, so she tries to take off. Tig is the voice of reason who stops her first escape attempt. Yeah, swirl that phenomenon around in your head like a fine wine: livestock-molesting, ear-macerating Tig is the voice of cool rationality.

But Gemma’s not to be deterred. When she sneaks out of her motel room — someone needs to tell the SAMCRO boys up in Oregon to pay attention to their surroundings — and tries to steal an SUV, she’s caught by the outraged owner, and when she stabs him, that’s when the SAMCRO boys finally realize Gemma’s not doing her nails in the hotel room. Tig figures that it will be a lot less stabby for the Emerald State’s residents if Gemma gets what she wants, so he agrees to help her head back to her family. First step: visit her newly-bereaved, demented dad. (He’s a reverend. Which explains a lot about Gemma’s attitudes toward religion.)

Meanwhile, back in Charming …

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