sons of anarchy s3 charlie hunnam 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: One Serving of Juice, PulpedOn “Sons of Anarchy”: So! Gemma survived her arrhythmia, much to the inconvenience of everyone who now has to explain why they didn’t come clean about the whole Abel-kidnapping thing. After Gemma tears a few strips off Jax and Tara’s backs, she informs them that Abel’s in Belfast. Jax and Clay decide to talk to Maureen to confirm this, and after they do, they decide to go to Belfast.

(It may be messy when they get there: Trinny’s stuck her nose in the whole thing courtesy of fielding Jax’s first call, she tipped off McGee, who happens to be Maureen’s old man, and now McGee’s flipping out over the repercussions.)

Gemma made a deal with Stahl to turn herself in, telling Clay she did it because, “I’m too old to run.” Stahl has the bad grace to show up in the hospital room and tell Gemma the deal is off the table because Gemma did not, technically, turn herself in, on account of being all unconscious in the hospital. The deal might be back on the table if Gemma can get Tara to talk about the Irish. So Gemma has a rather pointed conversation with Tara — something along the lines of “And why didn’t you throw yourself in front of the gun to save my grandson?” — which is where we find out that Tara knows nothing about the Irish and she’s six weeks pregnant. (How she’s not passing out from exhaustion is God’s private mystery — or the writers’ room’s. Whichever.)

Then Stahl comes back to gleefully tell Gemma the deal’s off the table. An angry Jax tracks Stahl to her house and offers her a deal: He’ll hand-deliver Jimmy O and his Real IRA contacts, along with a sworn statement about the gun-running, in exchange for “my mother, my son and my club.” And as a good faith gesture, he hands over Luke (Jimmy O’s number two) and some illegal weaponry. Stahl is an amoral moron, but even she can see that this is a deal which will put her back on the ATF fast track.

Also going on this week: The non-Teller SAMCRO guys are tasked with raising money for the Canadian road trip, and they decide to do so by unloading the drugs they took off the hill people during last week’s adventures in gun play. Juice screws it up with a moment of bad judgment and gets jumped by the Mayan puppet club, who take his cut. At least Tig and Chucky (!) managed to find out that indeed, the Mayans are manufacturing heroin and shipping it off to Stockton regularly.

Exchange of the week: There really wasn’t one. But on the bright side, nobody’s off on a fool’s errand to Canada anymore.

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