sons of anarchy s3 ryan hurst kim coates 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: The Crows Come Home to RoostACHTUNG, BABIES: The Irish are not too keen on doing business with the cartel, thus making them the sanest bunch of criminals in this show’s universe. Clay attempts to use the transitive property to persuade the Irish Kings to come around (“You trust me, I trust Galindo …”) and, thus arguing that if a=b and b=c, then clearly, a=c and the Irish are fated to deal with the drug cartel. Since even Irish terrorists do not argue with basic mathematical premises, they graciously concede to a meeting. (Which Juice now knows the location and time of. And which he passes along to the Feds per his agreement with Potter.) Jax then decides that the club will use the Irish as an excuse for getting out of the drug-muling business – oh, sure, they’ll still pass along enough heavy weaponry to kill every man, woman and child in Sonora, but drugs? That is a step too far. He also tells Clay that Opie is plainly not fit for leading the club, and Bobby Elvis should get the gavel, with Chibs as the VP and the Sergeant’s patch going to Happy.

Jax then heads out for an Irish errand with Chibs, Tig and Happy, possibly the oddest combination of bikers ever. The errand: scaring the bejeesus out of some people who are running the stateside branch of the IRAS’s baby-brokering business. The Sons are not down with this, and take out their feelings of ill will on the people who have been warehousing adorable, white infants in the modest suburban home, as opposed to beating the crap out of the Irish Kings.

HAIRY POTTER AND THE ONE-EYED FELON: The AUSA leans on Roosevelt to provide backup for the pending Irish/Galindo meet. He also swings by the city clerk office to pick up plans for Charming Heights, and has Juice picked up to keep him off the street. After these errands, he gets Lenny’s privileges restored, then seals the deal with Big Otto.

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