sons of anarchy s3 maggie siff 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the QueenIt’s good to be in the opening credits (unless you’re William Lucking): Opie does not kill Clay, merely gives him a few flesh wounds. Jax wings Opie’s hand to keep him from doing any real damage, then sends him up to the cabin to hide out. So, there’s that – Jax is, at least, not throwing Opie to the club’s mercy. But he’s going to have a hell of a reckoning with his pal later.

Susan Smith, Criminal Mastermind: Jax decides that the official story behind Clay’s shooting is going to be that some random African-American dudes did it. Because a racist motorcycle club plus racial profiling will never equal bloodshed.

Naturally, the club concludes the Forty-niners are behind the shooting, and Tig decides to take out Laroy. Unfortunately, he is as successful in this as he was in taking out Opie in season one. And, as in season one, Tig succeeds in taking out the target’s old lady instead. Unfortunately, Tig escapes with a little help from the rest of SAMCRO. Let the race war begin!

Romeo, Romeo, Whyfore Art Thou a Lying Weasel: Lenny the pimp reaches out to Jax, and one quick visit to Stockton, Jax has a few troubling pieces of intel: Juice is missing, Bobby Elvis signed into Stockton but never signed out, Otto’s made a deal with the Feds, and he had to have given up someone to do so. Jax takes that to Romeo and points out that the Feds may be circling. Romeo’s all, “Eh, no need to call off any meet with the Irish until after I’ve checked in with all my moles in assorted federal agencies.” A few scenes later, Romeo swears that his contacts have told him “Otto Delaney never sold out your club.” Are Romeo’s contacts bad? Or is he lying? We don’t find out this week. And the meet’s planned to go ahead.

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