sons of anarchy s3 maggie siff 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: The Sins of the FathersWhatever Juice learned in prison, it wasn’t lying. The only reason he manages to bluff his way through the “Who took the key of coke?” inquisition is because he stirs up a few intra-gang bad feelings. Clay and Jax decide to interrogate Filthy Phil and Rat Boy, mostly because they can’t fathom fully patched-in members betraying the club. The situational irony is staggering.

Anyway, there are assorted attempts to get the prospects to fess up, including a game of Russian Roulette, a cage match and threats of unleashing Happy on everyone. While the prospects are staring at a gun and wondering exactly which decision of theirs led to this point in their lives, Chibs and Juice are sitting outside, and Juice nervously tries to feel Chibs out on the race issue and whether it really matters if a member of SAMCRO is black. Chibs explains the nuances to the viewers: You can have a black old lady, but club rules is club rules, and you knew what they were when you signed on for the life. He explains, “The rules have been around since day one. Different time. I’m not saying I agree with them all. But if you start picking and choosing which ones to follow, then the whole thing just falls apart.” Into anarchy, perhaps? Anyway, Chibs is not dumb and none of us will be surprised if, in a future episode, we learn that he knew Juice was not exactly descended from the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line.

Juice’s mounting sense of unease and desperation leads him to try and retrieve the cocaine before a prospect gets killed. Unfortunately, Miles stumbles across Juice digging up the cocaine, and after a brief, frightening fight, Juice kills him. He’s rattled, but makes up a story about discovering Miles in the act of unearthing the cocaine, so now Juice is a hero to his brothers. Well, all of them except the dead one.

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