sons of anarchy s3 charlie hunnam 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Welcome to the MC California ...So. That happened.

Stingus Interruptus: Lincoln’s Potter hard work has come to naught. It turns out the CIA is in bed with the Galindo cartel, because there is no federal agency in this show’s universe that is not all about screwing over as many innocent people as possible. So Potter’s RICO case gets shut down. The meeting is supposed to go as planned, however the Irish Kings pull their Irish Control Freaks foolishness and insist they’ll only deal with Clay.

Then Jax tries to get SAMCRO out of the cartel business, and that is when Romeo and Luis whip out their federal IDs and drop their government spiel on him: the CIA needs the cartel to keep running guns and coke in order to fund its dirty work. Oy. This whole plotline seems like something dreamed up after falling asleep over an old volume of Bloom County cartoons about the Iran-Contra hearings or the San Jose Mercury News series on how the CIA launched America’s crack cocaine epidemic. ANYWAY. Romeo tells Jax that Otto ratted on SAMCRO, and if Jax doesn’t get Clay back in fighting form so he can deal with that finicky little prick Gaalen, then Romeo will RICO the club. Also, Jax better not tell anyone anything if he wants the club to survive. Were Jax really serious about leaving, he’d be all, “See my thumbs moving? I’m tweeting this meeting as it happens.” But we know he’s going to be sticking around, so the next 45 minutes are about wrapping up this season’s loose ends and launching next season’s major story arcs.

Juice, Cut Loose: Potter expunges all the intel on Juice’s daddy and hands Roosevelt the jacket with the sole physical proof. Roosevelt hands it over to Juice and tells him that the racism-related plotline we all lived through this season has been magically undone. That will, I am sure, be a comfort to Miles.

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