sons of anarchy s3 katey sagal 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Worlds of WonderOkay, a lot happened in this episode, so let’s break it all down by plotline:

OFF WE GO TO THE EMERALD ISLE: Cameron lays out his dilemma to the local parish priest/terrorist mastermind Father Kellan Ashby. As Cameron sees it: he and his boy were the victim of Jimmy O’s machinations, and his taking the baby was dumb, but justified in the little-known “a son for a son” variant of ye olde “an eye for an eye” ethos. As Father Ashby sees it: Cameron has become a huge liability to the Real IRA and he’s jeopardized the longstanding relationship the Irish have with the Sons of Anarchy. Also, he could care less what Jimmy O’s scheming about because he’s got God on his side. After Jimmy O has a sit-down with Clay and Jax and everyone agrees that Gemma was framed for Eddie’s murder, he manages to successfully persuade Father Ashby to kill Cameron. And he keeps the news about Abel’s whereabouts to himself for his own reasons. Cameron is killed while sitting in church.

RISE OF THE MAYAN EMPIRE: The SAMCRO boys do a little detective work and figure out that the spray-and-pray of last episode was the work of the Calaveras MC, as part of a patchover into the Mayan club. The Mayans are moving into Lodi, and they’re still planning on using the Charming area as a throughway for their heroin market at the Stockton prison. Clay correctly reasons that SAMCRO can’t afford an all out MC war right now, so he’ll have to find another way to stop this.

O ABEL, WHERE ART THOU? We know Jimmy O is lying about Abel’s whereabouts, but SAMCRO inches ever closer to finding clues as to what Cameron did with the kid. This week, they prevail upon Bobby Elvis to make nice with his ex-wife, Precious, as her new squeeze is a bounty hunter and can help them out. The bounty hunter agrees — if SAMCRO helps him bring in a particularly brawny and truculent guy. Naturally, it does not go smoothly (Opie gets distracted in an adult bookstore when he notices some movies starring his new lady), but it goes, and SAMCRO realizes that Cameron made it to Vancouver with Abel. Road trip to BC! Road trip to BC!

YOU GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLL: Gemma and Tig are still hanging at her parents’ place. Tig manages to conquer his phobia of Rose’s Hummel figurine collection long enough to successfully seduce Emilia, but Gemma’s dad Nate shoots him during a critical point in the goings-on. (Nate was confused and thought Emilia was his wife stepping out on him.) Gemma’s careless comment about why they can’t go to the E.R. leads Emilia to discover the bounty on Gemma’s head, and after a standoff in the kitchen, it does not look good for Emilia’s long-term prospects, either employment or otherwise.

THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE NEVER DID RUN SMOOTH: Jax and Tara continue to have communication problems. He neglects to tell her when he’s getting sprung from the pokey, she forgets to tell him about her beatdown of Margaret Murray and subsequent break for personal time. These things happen, right? Anyway, she caps the episode by courting federal charges in heading out to help Gemma deal with Tig’s gunshot wound.

WHEN ONE HAND WASHES THE OTHER: The Charming town council is facing an offer from the San Joaquin County sheriff’s office: Dissolve the local PD and fall under county jurisdiction. Given David Hale’s death, Josh Hale is pretty sure the offer will get traction among the good people of Charming — unless Unser throws him the Charming PD endorsement in the mayoral race.

We’ll get to the juicy little details in the recap — Tig’s theories of what women appreciate, how SAMCRO gets the Calaveras patch president to spill details on the heroin plan, what connection Abel’s caretaker Mo has to Father Ashby, why we wish Brian Cox was playing Father Ashby — but you’re good on the general happenings.

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