sons of anarchy finale 320 'Sons of Anarchy' recap: You Can't Spell "Recidivism" Without SAMCROThe season opens with SAMCRO’s homecoming, which is a bittersweet occasion.

The bitter: Mayor Hale used eminent domain to take Osborn’s land and dragoon him into doing construction on the new yuppie settlement Charming Heights. The bitter: The new sheriff in town, Roosevelt, is an incorruptible man of the law and he is going to be on SAMCRO like John Madden on turkducken. The bitter: Prison demonstrated to Clay that he has maybe two years left before he has to step down. The bitter: A purposeless Unser is a hot, forest-dwelling mess.

The sweet: Most of the club is no longer in jail. The sweet: Opie and Lyla are getting hitched. The sweet: Jax and Tara are engaged.

So how does SAMCRO commemorate the occasion? The club uses their first day of freedom/full strength to address two things that are vexing them, i.e. Russians and real estate. By murdering all their Russian business partners (in a sequence not unlike the end of The Godfather), SAMCRO is able to rejigger their arms-distribution deal so they take a bigger cut. And by dumping the bodies on the Charming Heights land, they’re able to scare off would-be investors in the hopes of stalling, if not outright killing, the project.

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