kim-coates-boot-campaign-cropped.JPGTig (Kim Coates) has gone rogue. The act-now-think-later former sergeant-at-arms ended Season 4 with a shot viewers will be hearing all through Season 5.

Zap2it chatted with the “Sons of Anarchy” actor at the Boot Campaign’s Ride and Rally (Aug. 26) as Coates warns of Tig’s big mistake.

He says, “I’m off the leash now. I have no loyalties except to the club. Charlie’s the president now. Perlman’s lying to me like crazy…”
Coates continues, “Tig’s confused and upset, and he made a big mistake killing that gal at the end of last season.”
Not only is the club left dealing with the backlash of Tig’s actions, but they’re left making sense of their new roles within the club.
With Jax as their new leader, the Sons’ positions have been switched around as Tig is no longer the president’s right hand man.
Will there be any tension between Tig and Chibs now that the latter has taken the former’s place? Not a chance.
“I’ll tell ya, I ripped off the badge myself, and I’m glad that Chibby picked up the pieces. Good for him. Go, take care of Charlie. It’s fantastic!” assures Coates.
Tommy Flanagan, who portrays Chibs, chimes in on their onscreen relationship as well, stating: “We’re still brothers. Can’t get away from that. He’s my brother, and I love him. Tig’s still a huge part of it. He’s just doing his own other things.”
While it’s going to be an even more testing season for the Sons, watch out for the havoc wreaked by Tig.
Don’t miss the return of “Sons of Anarchy” on FX, Sept. 11 at 10 p.m. Coates tells us, “It’s gonna knock your socks off!”
Posted by:Teny Akay