katey sagal sons of anarchy fx 'Sons of Anarchy': 3 episodes left and Gemma's secret is out

Only three episodes of “Sons of Anarchy” remain, and things don’t look good for Gemma. At the end of episode 10, “Faith and Despondency,” her big secret was finally revealed.
Jax now knows that she murdered Tara in Season 6, and it’s news he learned from his own son. It came after a really bad day for young Abel, who has also taken to harming himself and passing the blame off on his grandma.
Now that the secret is out, it’s going to be agonizing waiting for a week to see how Jax reacts. Considering all of the people he’s had a hand in killing thanks to Gemma’s lies, it’s not something the SAMCRO president is going to easily let go.
The revelation comes at a time when Gemma is finally starting to realize Charming is no longer a viable option for her to live her life. With Nero ready to leave town and retire, she agrees to go with him for the time being, even if it means leaving her grandchildren behind. However, now that Jax knows what she’s done, chances are running away from her problems isn’t going to be possible.
There’s always the option of yet another lie to get her off the hook. Gemma is very smart, and when it comes down to the word of a preschooler against her own, she should be able to come up with a reasonable enough excuse. The old Gemma would have no problem shifting her story to get out of that predicament.
Unfortunately for her, the old Gemma is long gone. The fierce biker queen is dead. What’s left is a shell of her former self, which started imploding when she killed Tara. She’s spun a web of lies since that night, all in an effort to right the ship.
Instead, Gemma now finds herself ultimately responsible for the deaths of dozens, including one of her oldest friends in Bobby. While self-preservation has always been important to Gemma, there comes a time when you have to surrender yourself to fate.
Sadly, for Gemma that fate is likely her own death. Considering all of her misdeeds over the course of the series — and even the death of John Teller before the show — it’s a fate she’s created for herself and a destination that has long been in the cards for her.
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