sons of anarchy 704 recap fx 'Sons of Anarchy' led 'Poor Little Lambs' to slaughter, and we're sick of it

Quite a bit happened on the latest episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” but there’s only one thing anybody will be talking about. At the climax of “Poor Little Lambs,” a large number of women were killed by the Chinese as retaliation against the club for stirring trouble.
Jax and the Sons have gone out of their way to turn all of their enemies against each other, and it was only a matter of time before the repercussions hit home. However, not only was the club directly attacked via a grenade in the clubhouse, it also came in the form of a mass killing at Diosa Norte. It just so happened Nero and the members of SAMCRO weren’t there. Instead, all of the escorts and a couple of johns were gunned down.
What’s more, the episode reintroduced Colette Jane (Kim Dickens) just to kill her. Jane was a strong female character who ended up being one of the standouts in Season 6. For her first appearance in Season 7 to also be her last of the series really puts a hamper on that development. She deserved better than that.
Women being killed for the sins of the club is nothing new. It started with Donna Winston in Season 1 and continued with Luann Delaney in Season 2. Even Agent Stahl’s death came about because of the club’s misdeeds. Opie killed her over the death of Donna, who he knew was actually killed by Tig. Of course, Tig more or less got away with it, which is crazy. Even the mother of the school shooter was killed by the club so their connection to the gun that was used couldn’t be discovered. Then there’s Tara, a once-promising surgeon who was completely destroyed by the club and the life that surrounds it. It seems nobody is safe but Gemma, which isn’t a surprise considering she’s guiltier than anyone.
After seven seasons of the male-dominated club’s world leaving a trail of dead females in its wake, enough is enough. The end of “Sons of Anarchy” is near and events like this are going to leave it with a rather unpleasant legacy that surely nobody involved in the show wants. It’s time to right the ship before it’s too late. “Sons of Anarchy” is using the deaths of women as stunts to further its plot, and it’s happened so often over the years that it now feels sloppy and contrived.
Sadly, the massacre at the end of the episode also overshadowed several key moments that otherwise would have been special. The episode featured the return of Venus Van Dam, the introduction of Courtney Love’s character, the deaths of D-level club member Orlin West and a deputy, and a possible relationship between Chibs and the new sheriff, among many other things. None of that feels important, though. Those poor little lambs didn’t deserve their treatment here.
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