charlie hunnam sons of anarchy season 7 jax jail fx 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7: Is Jax going to jail?

One of the questions “Sons of Anarchy” fans have got to be wondering is whether of not Jax will head to prison after the death of Tara in the Season 6 finale. After all, he’d worked out a deal with the District Attorney to take the fall for both her and the club, saving them both from prosecution.
Her death definitely changes things, though. Jax had yet to turn himself in. However, he was also found with Tara’s body as he cried over her. It’s not known who will be held accountable for the murder, but it looks like Jax will spend a little time locked up.
Just Jared has gotten their hands on some set photos of Charlie Hunnam dressed up in his jailhouse best. The standard orange jumpsuit is emblazoned with “SJCCF” on the leg, which stands for San Joaquin County Correctional Facility.
What’s unclear is if there will be any sort of time jump in the season or how long Jax will be in prison for. Since it’s the last season of the show, chances are he won’t spend the majority of the season on the inside. The development certainly helps Marilyn Manson’s character make a lot more sense, though.
The shock rocker plays a white supremacist prison shot-caller. With Jax behind bars, he’s going to need all of the allies he can get and chances are he’ll be making a few enemies as well.
It’s gearing up to be a memorable last ride with SAMCRO. “Sons of Anarchy” Season 7 premieres in September on FX.
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