sons of anarchy johnny lewis gi 'Sons of Anarchy' star Johnny Lewis refused treatment before deathThe details surrounding the death of “Sons of Anarchy” actor Johnny Lewis, who died Wednesday, Sept. 26 after allegedly murdering his landlady and her cat, keeps getting sadder. According to his lawyer, the actor refused treatment before his death.

Jonathan Mandel, who represented Lewis after two separate 2012 arrests, tells E! News that he wanted his client to undergo treatment, but Lewis refused.

“I did recommend in both of his cases that he get a treatment
option,” Mandel tells E!. “He clearly had delusions.”

Instead, Lewis declined the plea deals that Mandel had negotiated (they included treatment) and represented himself. “It was his decision,” Mandel says of his former client’s choice not to accept treatment. “He wanted door No. 2 and I couldn’t control it.”

Sadly, Mandel says Lewis’ family, and especially his father, had been trying everything they could to help their son. “My concern is with the family right now,” Mandel tells E!. “They were very loving and tenacious with him. They were loving and supportive in a very difficult situation. I have nothing but deep respect for his family, especially his father. They tried to work to solve the problem.”

Lewis is best known for his two-season run on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” and a nine-episode stint on “The O.C.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley