sons of anarchy afterword retta kurt sutter 'Sons of Anarchy': Watch 'Anarchy Afterword' for 'The Mad King' online

If you’re still reeling from the destruction that happened during “Sons of Anarchy’s” latest episode, “The Mad King,” creator Kurt Sutter and members of the cast can talk you through it in the latest “Anarchy Afterword.” Beware the spoilers that follow, though.
In the online post-show, which runs about 45 minutes, Sutter admits that nothing in the show is sacred, as is evidenced by the clubhouse being bombed. He says the moment actually dates back to Season 2, when a car bomb exploded in the Teller Morrow parking lot, hospitalizing Chibs (Tommy Flanagan).
Sutter is joined by Flanagan and Theo Rossi (Juice), along with celebrity superfan Retta (“Parks and Recreation”) for the episode, hosted by Chris Franjola. In addition to the explosion, the panel talks about their individual characters, what’s to come and they share some fun behind the scenes stories. One of the more interesting bits is the tease that fans might find out the fate of the club’s iconic jury table in an upcoming episode.
You can watch “Anarchy Afterword” on the FX website, but consider yourself warned that the profanity flies freely.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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