tvpartywo17.jpgThere is a sense of freedom that comes from being on a motorcycle: the freedom of the open road, freedom from outrageous gas prices and freedom from the law. What? Well, we assumed that being on a hog meant we were able to just live by our own code, regardless of what the “law” says. At least that’s what we gather from faithfully watching Sons of Anarchy Tuesdays on FX. So if you like the wind in your stringy hair, rattling American iron between your legs and the law on your tail, call your friends and neighbors because we’re throwing a Sons of Anarchy party!

Setting the scene:
Charming, Calif., is what you might call an oxymoron: It’s as idyllic as a place can be with an excessively armed motorcycle club running rampant all over town. So to keep this authentic, decorate in early biker. That means loading your living room with Harley-Davidsons and motorcycle parts such as fenders, wheels, handlebars and mufflers. As this needs to look like the Tellers’ repair shop, add an air compressor, some tools and a large cache of illegal arms – fake ones are probably best. Having grease smeared all over you and wearing coveralls will go a long way to selling this. Have a SAMCRO sign outside on the front lawn as well as a Sons of Anarchy Reaper sign. You can even download large posters from the show’s website. Party favors can include Reaper shot glasses and mugs as well as SoA dog tags and flasks.

Leather vests and chaps are de rigueur on SoA, so you’ll want to rescind invites to any of your vegan friends. Also suggest leather riding gloves and gauntlets, motorcycle boots, and SoA T-shirts, hoodies and bandannas. Remember, black leather is slimming.

On the menu:
Given their lifestyle, outlaw bikers should probably start eating healthy. Why not serve Bobby Flay’s grilled spicy filet mignon salad with ginger-lime dressing? Yep, the motorcycle club might be up for a throwdown.

On the hi-fi:
The show is known for its music, from Bobby’s Elvis catalog to Gemma’s covers of Son of a Preacher Man and Ruby Tuesday, so we suggest getting your hands on the show’s EPs from iTunes. There’s even a Facebook music appreciation page!

The showstopper:
You need a motorcycle. But not just any motorcycle. You need to build your own 1948 Panhead replica from Whistle Stop Choppers for a mere $16,000. It includes all the parts for you to be ridin’ the road in no time, and even the instruction manual so that you know where the seat goes.

Posted by:Michael Korb