kurt sutter sons of anarchy valentines day gi 'Sons of Anarchy's' Kurt Sutter has horrific Valentine's Day gift ideas to share

Warning: Some harsh and violent language that is typical to “Sons of Anarchy” and Kurt Sutter’s Twitter account is included below, so read at your own risk. They are meant to be jokes and are in no way serious. 
It’s that special day of the year when you show the person you love the most how you really care. Many will shower their special someone with flowers, candy, special cards and nice dinners out.
Those are all great gift ideas, truly. However, there are also terrible ideas out there. If you want some examples of that, look no further than “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter. He’s always having a bit of fun on his Twitter account and his “bad Valentine’s gift” suggestions are no different.
Here are the bad gift ideas Sutter came up with:
  • “To show your love and devotion, brutally murder the co-worker that’s been giving your lady a hard time.”
  • “Nothing says I love you more than hacking off your penis and putting it on an 18k gold necklace.”
  • “A romantic dinner doesn’t have to be expensive. Just suck the waiter’s c*** in the men’s room. Free meal.”
  • “Two words: roofies & roses.”
  • “While she’s asleep, give her that breast enhancement she wants. Needed: box cutter, water balloons.”
Obviously none of those would go over to well with any loved one and chances are Sutter has something genuinely romantic planned for his bride, Katey Sagal. However, it definitely sounds like he’s got the creative juice flowing for “Sons of Anarchy” Season 7.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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