kurt sutter sons of anarchy the devils ride gi 'Sons of Anarchy's' Kurt Sutter slams 'The Devils Ride' on Twitter

There’s some real life motorcycle club drama flaring up on Twitter, though it’s not exactly as heart-wrenching as the weekly goings-on of “Sons of Anarchy.” “Sons” creator Kurt Sutter has taken aim at “The Devils Ride,” an unscripted series on Discovery that follows San Diego, Calif. motorcycle clubs.
It all started Saturday (Feb. 10), when Sutter sent out a tweet to his followers. In it, he wondered if “The Devils Ride” had been canceled or not and questioned the legitimacy of the clubs that take part in the show. That didn’t sit well with a member of the Laffing Devils, who are also on Twitter. From there, a profanity-laced exchange ensued.
“Is ‘Devil’s Ride’ still on? my thespians are harder than these b****es. don’t take my word, ask any OMC in the f***ing world,” Sutter writes. One of the Devils, who goes by Mad Max for one reason or another, responded with, “F*** you you talk a lot of s*** from that key board [sic],” completely ignoring that he was in fact typing his message on a keyboard. Sutter offered a simple, “you’re just jealous because i can spell.”
That wasn’t all for Sutter, who had more things to say about the show, like “If your MC has agreed to become a show, you are now reality TV stars. you’ve traded legacy/pride for cash/fame. And you are in my circus,” and, “I may have to buy all the devils chocolate valentine hearts. They’re feelings are so hurt. Especially the fat one from ‘The Wonder Years’.”
The “fat one from ‘The Wonder Years’” is Jason Hervey, who played Wayne Arnold on the long-running series. He also happens to be the creator of “Devils Ride” and has a message of his own for Sutter, also delivered via Twitter.
“Man U talk s***. U put ur cast in front of u, but not u?” he tweets. “EP Vs. EP. Anytime. Get urs, will get mine.” As for what he’s challenging Sutter to exactly, that’s anyone’s guess. “The Devils Ride” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery. If you want to know what you’re missing, check out the video below.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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