powers screencap sony pictures Sony brings video game level violence to 'Powers' original series

Playstation revealed the first look at their original series “Powers” at their New York Comic Con panel on Oct. 11. The 90 second trailer features Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker, a man who used to have the ability to fly but having lost his abilities works with a task force to round up all of those who have supernatural abilities — referred to as “powers.” 
The trailer not only sets up the world that Walker and his partner Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) are investigating but also gives audiences a taste of the gritty violence and Walker’s intense love of profanity. Guns, brass knuckles and brute force are all fair game as the mid-preview montage catalogues the carnage in the upcoming episodes. 
Playstation users will be able to download/stream episodes of “Powers” starting this winter. Playstation Plus subscribers will get all episodes for free as well as behind the scenes footage and bonus features. Sony will be making the first episode of the series available to everyone, whether they own a Playstation or not, for free. 
Check out the trailer premiered at NYCC below. 
Posted by:Megan Vick